Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend Good, Monday Bad!!

Weekend was fun but really hectic. I left work early on Friday to drive to mom and dad’s, met up with them and went up for a drink and then went with my grandma and a cousin for dinner the restaurant in town. After dinner we went home and to bed. I was up and ran 14 miles averaging a 9:08 pace, then I rested a tiny bit, stretched and pushed out a hard mile in honor of Bannister, but only hit a 7:05…I was a bit tired. Then it was off visiting grandma’s (both of my parents mom’s live in my home town, makes things simple!!) and then we went to a benefit dinner for my old track coaches daughter…It was nice seeing him and catching up and him pointing out how I had refused over and over to run the 3200, I told him about my 5 x 1s at just under 7:00 pace last Tuesday and the mileage for the week and he was impressed. Sunday was more visiting and then heading home to get to work on time. I made it in and made it through my shift and then crashed. It was a good weekend though. Glad I was able to make it down there finally.

I’ve had to adjust my week, hopefully that won’t mess anything up but it might make it better. Normally I’ve been doing hard workouts on Tuesday and Thursday after work, but this week I work on Thursday so I’m doing it tonight and Wednesday instead. I decided 8-9 mile tempo tonight and then 6 x 1 intervals on Wednesday since it looks better weather-wise anyway. And I forgot my watches to be able to do the workouts where I wanted to tonight too…
The bubble burst today, I hate Mondays...I knew it was a bit early to be celebrating that victory over the scale on Friday, having run as much as I had the previous day, I was up to just over 134 today, not such a good weekend apparently. I knew I had a couple too many beers on Saturday, and I also ate way too much, was just feeling ravenous all day…anyway, I’m back on though, going to work really hard all week to not overeat!!


Kurt said...

Hey beer along with chocolate is a health food! Your weight is going to go up and down it is the overall trend you need to look at along with how do you feel.

Your doing great and when you fly here to clean my apartment I will have lots of beer for you!

Danielle said...

Thanks Kurt...I know hopefully, eventually the weight will come off, it's just been a long hard struggle to even get this far, I haven't been this light since right after my first marathon in 2004!

Hmmm...not sure beer is a good thing for me when I'm trying to lose weight!! Unless the cleaning is that difficult and burns off the calories!!