Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mind Wanderings

Monday I ran for the first time this year in humidity. It was definitely high humidity too!! Well, we were on the verge of a rainstorm so I suppose that makes sense that it was higher humidity…the air was so damp that my ponytail ended up wet from swinging over my back…talk about disgusting with sweat!! Anyway, I survived it though, and managed to do it over my neighborhood hills at an 8:14 pace…a little slower than I wanted when I had been hoping another 8:00 or so pace, but I did 9 miles and it did feel good. I was definitely tired at the end though.

Yesterday was kind of a free for all day…Normally I have been working on Monday’s and Wednesday’s so I do morning workouts, short runs and strength training and then Tuesday and Thursday are easy in the morning and harder in the afternoon…this week that didn’t work out cause I work on Thursday, hence changing the tempo run to Monday afternoon and the Intervals to tonight. Tonight I’ll run on the flat trail that I ran on last night, intended an easy 4-5 miler, came out around 8:50 pace and had been following a nice 4 miler in the morning.

I went to see a movie last night, Syriana, which I had wanted to see for a long time. Still not sure what I thought of the movie, but man does it make you think!! A lot of very relevant for the time clips and blips and some so fitting and couldn’t have been known about while the movie was filming.

I’m still reading my boards, I haven’t posted now since I had the flame on the one, haven’t posted to either…and I do miss them to some degree at least. There have been posts I wanted to respond to, but held back…and there have been things I wanted to ask, but again I’ve held back. I don’t now what it is I do, or what it is I can change about me to not get people so up in arms. Why can’t I be one of the people that everyone likes?? It’s still such a bummer. Had an off board so called apology from the flamer, but it didn’t really feel right…and I responded back saying I was sorry for having offended, that it wasn’t my intent and that I would no longer post…no response to that one, kind of shows me more about the apology. I still don’t understand why I got the response I did anyway…it still hurts too. I’ve had interactions with this person before, and I know everyone else has no problems with this person…so why me…probably still mad at me that I didn’t want to go to Starbucks in Chicago and just asked if there was any other place we could go…that one didn’t go over well. Can’t change things, yet this year they are suggesting what other things should we do…Always me I guess…I think I’m about due for a good cry…almost did at work yesterday cause of something, and almost again at the movie, guess that’s how much it moved me…


Andy said...

I appreciated your comments on our marathon. Well, you were right and I will be ready to run another on June 17. It'll be so much fun!

You running is going great and you sound strong. I guess we better get used to the humidity since it might be coming. Iowa could be warm.

I like you and there are some of us in those groups that will support you. I do wonder about the future of the older group at times. I don't know what to tell you though. Sometimes people are hard to figure out.

Kurt said...

DG, your friends will always be there for you. You know why I left one group due to the drama and crap that went on it, you do have a choice on it though. If you stay and feel lousy you need to ask yourself why do you do it.

Your a great runner and a beautiful person. Just be yourself.