Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday's Weather

Another somewhat dreary day…I have 12 miles tempo pace (shooting for 8:15) tonight…I’m actually not looking forward to it because of the weather. I’m tired of the gray and gloom and chill, I want the nice sunny shorts weather back. It’s going to be like last year, we had a bit of nice weather, then it got cold, then it just came into summer humidity!! No adjustment time.

Anyway, I’ve managed to maintain the weight loss down to the 131 mark for about a week now with stability, hopefully that means I’ll at least l be below 130 before the marathon in 5 weeks…heck, it might be possible to get down to the actual 125 that I’d like to lock onto, the scale has shown me a few times under 130…just have to stick hard by avoiding the bad for me snacks that keep coming…like the Teddy Grahams and licorice and chocolate today. I have two days this week that might be bad, Wednesday is something I don’t know that I can avoid eating bad, planning lunch with a friend, might want to hit my favorite restaurant that I haven’t been to in so long for dinner and there might have to be some cake at some point…Saturday at least I’ll probably eat or not eat OK, but I’m running long that day and THEN drinking beer…but it’s the last real going out night that I’m going to have before the marathon. In fact I’ll probably abstain from all alcohol after Saturday until the 17th and have my victory beer after the run. I was going to go a month out, but Saturday just can’t be helped…I will probably drink way too much that night…have to drown the sorrows that come with getting old right?? At least I don't work on Wednesday and I can get a nice run in, and hopefully a much needed massage. And the sun might even be is interval day that day too.

Alright, time to psych up for that run tonight. Also made a decision that the roommate does have to go, I just have to tell him...and I'm terrible, but since conflict stresses me so much, I'm going to send him an e-mail...terrible, terrible cop out, but I have to do what is comfortable for me. Tomorrow I will send it to him.


Andy said...

I'm tired of this weather too. I guess it is supposed to warm up this week with a high of 80 here by Friday.

Congrats on maintaining the weight loss! I'm getting back to serious-eating this week after a free-for-all week last week.

Running Rabbit said...

Congrats on the weight loss! Awesome work and dedication!

Kathy said...

Sorry to hear about the roomie problem...and...uh...hmmm...YOU ARE NOT OLD... :)

mg said...

Hope your tempo run went well. It's been sunny (and windy) down here, and I'm with you on being annoyed at the unstable weather. Makes it hard to get and stay acclimated!

Congrats on the weight loss!

How's the roommate situation? Don't feel bad about using e-mail; it's not a cop-out if it'll let you get across what needs to be said.