Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Quick Update

Need to do at least a quick update. I haven’t posted a new entry since last week!! Weekend was so hectic though. I need to post my training schedules, am going to do that soon, probably on another site so I don’t have so many listings here, but will have a link to them. One of these days I will get past race reports posted too. I want all things in one spot!!

Anyway, last week I had scheduled 70 miles. I wanted to have a huge mileage week and then start into tapering, I’m 3 weeks from the marathon on Saturday, have a 30K race I’m doing and then the next week is 12, then 9 and then the race…hopefully I won’t go absolutely insane during it as I have usually wanted to cut back in those weeks, but now I’m so wanting to keep running…but I know I can’t. I only managed 54 of the planned 70 for this week. My tempo run I could tell right away was not going to feel good and I cut it back to 6.25 miles, my leg has still been bothering me and still no massage to make it feel better. That’s on the plan for next week though (no time this week I don’t think, although maybe Thursday after my run). Anyway, the intervals also didn’t happen and turned into a 6 mile tempo run, all I had time for at the time, but it was finally a good run at 8 minute pace, over some decent hills and not the pain that I had been having. I did 18 on Saturday that started off a bit sore but managed to keep feeling good and at a 9:25 pace, although actually was probably a bit faster as I lost signal a few times on my GPS (might have to wear my other watch and pause it to keep track of lost time when I do lose signal) then I had to take a quick break to take eggs out of the fridge for the angel food cake I was making when I got home (have to have them at room temp). Anyway, after my run I had to get cleaned up and dressed to get to my brother’s where I was throwing myself a party, he was hosting because he lives close to the bar that had the band I wanted to see. Was a fun night though, and I wasn’t too bad the next day, even though I thought I would be drinking a lot…now I’m done drinking till my marathon. And trying to eat much better, need to read that book I bought!!

Today I have my last really hard interval workout, planning for 7 x 1 with .5 recovery and 7:15 or so pace…that’s if leg cooperates. Thursday is a last hard longer tempo and then the race on Saturday…hopefully all goes well!!


Kathy said...

Hey there girl! Sorry I missed you on Saturday. I'm glad you had a good little celebration. Good luck in your race :)

Kurt said...

Your a studette DG! You are going to so kick arse at the marathon. Yep sub 3:45 for you.

Your doing awesome, keep at it.

Danielle said...

Well, if I'm going to go sub 3:45, then I'd really, really like to go 3:40:59 or better!! I don't know about that 3:45, but all things good, I think a 3:55 or better is in the bag.