Wednesday, May 24, 2006

To Accept or not to Accept...

On one positive note...129.4 this AM...sure, I know it was because of the run last night and not eating much, but I'm getting close!! 4.4 more pounds!!

Sleepy…well, looks like TriGals sleepless nights have come to me!! OK, so not really, I’ve been sleeping when I can, except for last night, but will get to that. I just haven’t had a chance to have much sleep cause of a hectic schedule.

Sunday night I was working and came home to have the roommate knock on my door at 10 pm to ask if we could talk, 1) the only time I close my door is when I’m going to sleep, 2) I don’t want to have a stressing talk at 10 pm at night when I want to sleep!! Went to bed and slept good, just not long enough and snoozed in and just ran instead of running and strength on Monday am but then had a nice easy afternoon run with a friend and went to a movie, that was fun.

Tuesday I had my interval training and ended up skipping morning run again…sigh…but I was exhausted feeling and had slept so good for the night. Had also e-mailed roommate on Monday morning and said 10 pm is not a good time to talk and that when my door is closed it means I’m going to bed…So last night I ran 11.25 of the planned 12, 7 x 1 miles planning 7:15 or so pace, but that was not to be. I had not eaten enough for the afternoon to fuel me (should’ve found and had some cake at 2!!) and it was warmer and more humid that I have run in so far this year…then the darn GPS was having trouble on some spots on the path, so frustrating to have to stop and try to get signal again. I was going to cut the workout back, but did do the 7 hard, averaged a 7:34 with the slowest being mile 4 at 7:51 (lots of loss of signal) and fastest being mile 3 at 7:13…It was an OK run, not the best, but I’ve had some really great ones. Tomorrow is my last really hard workout of the training session, 8-10 tempo miles, shooting for 8:00 but will adjust based on the temp and how my leg feels (it’s still tight). I’m running a 30K on Saturday which is just a training run with water stops, but also will be a PR even though I’m not racing it…I’ve never run a 30K before!! :)

Anyway, I was feeling quite exhausted in a pleasant way after the workout and was going to go to bed early since I work tonight and thought about heading there around 8:30 but wanted to watch just a bit more of Desperate Housewives…so I figured I’d stay up till 9…I ran back to my room for something and come out and roommate is turning on the light in the living room (I’d been sitting in the semi dark cause I’m in down mode working toward a sleepy feeling and why waste electricity, just cause he’s the dummy that sits with the blinds and curtains closed in his room and turns the light on on a sunny Saturday afternoon to work at his computer or whatever…) and asks me if we can talk, it’s almost 9, I’m settling in for sleepy time and had already told him that that is my routine at night and not a time to talk so I tell him no, he replies he wants to apologize and say a few things, and again I tell him no, I’m working on chilling and getting ready to go to bed in a few minutes, I don’t need a stressor, so then he goes on again about wanting to apologize (too little too late as I already told him I felt I deserved an apology for something he had pulled last week and when you have to tell someone, that kind of negates the sincerity in my mind) and again I say no, then he rants that “you should be able to accept apologies from people when they give them, that if you can’t accept apologies then you can’t forgive yourself…” and some other such nonsense…just what I need before bed…heart rate up of course. I told him again, no, I was watching my show and then going to bed, I did not want to talk at that time and sorry, if you are really apologetic about something, and someone requests that you leave them alone at that time, forcing an apology on them doesn’t seem that apologetic to me...Not to mention that apparently if he apologizes, whether I think he’s sincere or not, I’m supposed to accept it…well, when you ask someone to not do something and they continue to do it and apologize each time for it, that to me doesn’t make an apology…ughh…

Thankfully June 20th he's gone...wonder how I could get him out before then and I think I have a roommate lined up at least on a temp basis that is a good friend of mine and knows my roommate troubles. I think we’ll get along well and it will help both of us out!!

Oh, and so after all that, I didn’t get to sleep till after 11 and taking a Tylenol PM and now I have to be up till midnight tonight cause of work…another thing he has to apologize for…do I have to accept it???


'Zilla said...

Ack, I hate roommate issues! Sounds like he's crossing your boundaries, Lady. Good for you for putting your foot down.

I hope you sleep. I can toatally empathize. Take Care of yourself and just plan up your time so you don't have to be in the house when he is!

Andy said...

I think I would try to just avoid him as much as possible the next few weeks. He'll be gone and forgotten soon! It is tough living with people. I hope your next roommate is much more compatible for you. Life is too short to be stressed by a roommate.

Danielle said...

Thanks guys...I'm couting and days and definitely avoiding being home if possible!! I've contemplated not having the roommate, but if I have them, I can pay off my student loans in about a year, if I don't have them, it will take me quite a lot my reward is in 2 or 3 years when they are done, I'm buying myself some inappropriate for MN little convertible to zip around in...:) I think of that every time I get irritated with the roommate...what I need is people there just a month or two at a time!!

Sleep is my friend...:)

Kurt said...

Roomates suck for the most part. Be strong and don't back down.

Your a strong woman and a strong runner. Keep at it.