Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Just an Update

Nothing too terribly exciting to update or state. My weekend was actually pretty quiet. I went to the local hangout on Friday (it’s summer, might be time to try something new, my roommate and I are in a rut, it’s what we do on Friday night, without even discussing what we are going to do), was there a bit later than planned, came home, watched TV a bit and crashed. Woke up too early on Saturday, got up, went for a 4 mile relaxed run then spent the afternoon at Lake Calhoun because it was nice…OK, upper 80s might not feel nice to some people, but the humidity is still really low all things considered so it was nice, even a breeze and a weird rain (no clouds, all sun but rain was coming down, go figure). I stopped and bought a few more plants to put in my pots on my balcony (might have to get a few taken and posted) and that was the excitement of my Saturday. I talked to a friend on the phone, hung out on my balcony and read a book and went to bed kind of early. Oh, and I had done a second run in the evening of 5 miles…so a total of 9 for Saturday.

Sunday was more relaxing really. I got up early and talked to my parents, then went for a run, then went to lunch. After lunch I went and bought a rose bush to have on my balcony and with any luck can transplant to the ground if my house ever sells! It looks quite pretty, it’s called a double delight, red and white and yellowish looks…the most fragrant one I found too. I love the way it smells. So now everyday, provided something is blooming, I can “stop and smell the roses”…right outside my door. After buying roses, I made a stop at Calhoun again for more sun. I think I’m finally a decent color…granted my skin is very pale to begin with and only in Hawaii do I get dark, and I know it’s bad for me, but I so love the sun…and what better way to spend a nice Sunday than laying by a lake, people watching and reading?

Work is still going along. I’m still working and learning and trying to get up to speed as quickly as I can. My new work group is great. I like all of the people I’m working with so far, all of them have been here for at least 15 years I think too…Soon I’ll be in my permanent cube too, over by the rest of the group. That will be nice.

I’m starting to study for the GMAT too. Math is where I know I’m going to need the most help, so it’s the areas I should start with…and I should get a couple of practice tests and things going soon so I’m all set to take it, hopefully the beginning of August since application deadline for Spring 2008 is October 1. If I don’t get it in by then, I will have to wait till Fall 2008 for entrance, although if I got accepted, I might be able to start in the summer…we’ll see. My boss is well aware that grad school is on my mind and as soon as I’m ready, he is ready to work with me on the getting enrolled etc and it might even go on my work goals etc for my review for next year, which would be kind of cool (although scary, how much will it hurt me if I don’t get in?). There really is only one school I’m even considering. There is one other I might consider, but Carlson School of Management, where my undergrad is from, is the only ranked school in the area. We’ll see what happens though.


JustRun said...

Nice roses!
And I get the tan thing- I'm the same way. I call it the "equator sun." It's the only way I get any color (Hawaii, Caribbean, Mexico, etc.).

Kurt said...

Love the roses. Glad your doing well.

I love math by the way.

The beach was great this weekend.