Friday, June 08, 2007

New Job, Great Benefits

A quick update and hopefully a longer one over the weekend…maybe some pictures too. Although I don’t know of what!

My first week is almost over and I survived. I came in Monday and had orientation, a few videos, etc. Then I was shown my cube (temporarily in the executive area by the executive kitchen, convenient!) where I have a nice 20” flat screen monitor, the 17” at home now seems so tiny…I’ve spent the week doing training modules that are required by the company, and talking with my boss as time permits, working through documentation of required things, learning about other things that are and are not allowed and actually doing a couple of reviews of actual terms and conditions (what will be the bulk of my job). I also found out about the parent companies tuition reimbursement deals…umm…can you say fantastic? At my old job, I know there was an option, but it was very tough to get. It had to be in the budget, it had to have specifications met on how it related to your job and just was overall a pain to try to deal with. While I wanted to consider getting my MBA, it wasn’t affordable and seemed a huge hassle. I’ve also had tuition reimbursement before, usually tuition covered, you pay it first, they reimburse you if you get at least a C, you cover fees and books…not here. 100% of tuition is paid by the company to the school, you don’t have to worry about it. You can purchase textbooks via an intercompany website through B&N or another source and have the company pay for them up front too. The company covers the cost of taking the GMAT or any other test (I wonder if they would pay for a GMAT class…I’m guessing probably yes, but I think I will try studying on my own first) as well. That thing isn’t cheap to pay. They also pay application fees to the schools…again those can be not so cheap…when you are taking classes, you are allowed up to 3 hours each week for study time that is paid…and finally, when you finish a degree program, master’s, doctorate or anything, the company rewards you with stock and/or stock options….and it DOES NOT have to be related to your actual job. If I wanted to get an advanced degree in underwater basket weaving, they would pay for it. Unbelievable. Needless to say, last night was spent in part at B&N buying GMAT prep books which I will be putting to use over the summer, hopefully taking the GMAT in the next two months (as soon as I feel confident I’ve refreshed my math skills sufficiently to hit a high 600-low 700 score) and applying to an MBA program to start either Spring or Summer 2008.

In other news. Hmm…running has been OK. I think I’m run down or something. I started trying a heart rate monitor and I don’t know what is going on. The friend that got it to me is going to help me look at the data I’m collecting and have been collecting for the last week and see what we need to do and what I should be focusing on, then getting low and high settings going. I need to get another low reading as I know you should take an average over a few days and I haven’t managed to do that at all. Maybe I’ll take a nap after work and see if I can get a low then…and tomorrow morning, and Sunday as well. Then it’s just getting the high. I haven’t decided on any new races. Grandma’s is out. Twin Cities is most likely going to be my focus. I know it’s full at this point, but in July I know another way in and I’m going to most likely use that in and attempt a BQ off it. We’ll see what happens. That all depends on my friend that may potentially also “coach” me, as much as I am coachable that is…he knows I would be difficult, but mainly its because he wants me to cut back on mileage and my best run so far has been with higher mileage…so that leaves me wondering!! Anyway, we shall see.

Nothing really planned for the weekend. Maybe a trip to the local place tonight, tomorrow is supposed to be nice so happy place visit and maybe to dinner with a friend out on a lake area bar/restaurant if she’s game for it. But we’ll see. Some GMAT prep/studying of course and cleaning and organizing around home, cleaning up the car, the garage and maybe getting some more plants out, but that’s about it. I’m actually even getting to get out a bit early today as my boss likes to leave early on Friday as well and encourages in early and out early!! Yay!!


JustRun said...

Wow, great education program! I'd shed tears if ours were so good!

Andy said...

You are so lucky with the education benefits they offer! Sounds like a really good job so far.

I wonder too about the lower mileage. Maybe it works for some people.