Monday, June 18, 2007

Stone Arch Art Festival

Every Father’s day weekend the city of Minneapolis has an art fair that I enjoy checking out when I can. I used to live a mere 2 blocks from the activities and I so miss that time and that area…but oh well. At least I can make visits over to the area. The Stone Arch Bridge is a pedestrian bridge over the Mississippi, just down from the locks and dam and new dam set up that is being used as a power source as well. There is a new park area that you can walk out and basically be in the middle of the Mississippi as well and it’s kind of neat to see the rushing water, the downtown views and the bridges. Anyway, a “friend” of mine (namely the guy I’ve been seeing as of late) lives walking distance to the area and suggested going on Saturday afternoon. I drove to his place and we made a quick run to the Farmer’s market first so I could
get some fruits and veggies. Then we went over to the art fair and checked out some great stuff from local and even not so local artists. I didn’t even up buying anything at this time, but saw a lot of things I would’ve loved. Next year, when I’ve sold my house and am in something new I
swear I’m getting something!! We wandered, ate some bad for you food (OK, actually I didn’t really eat there, but my friend did) we stopped to sit and talk, wandered some more, saw some baby ducks, ended up sitting by the river for a while chatting, then back to the art fair and actually sat down at one of the restaurants for
dinner and a beer, which turned into 3 and then decided to get some beer and go sit on the roof at his place…well, we didn’t quite make it to the roof as his neighbors were watching Apocolypto and we got sucked into it, and ended up watching the part we missed (continuing into the part we had already seen) shortly after we finished the first run. More beer and movie finally gets over and I was feeling hungry. Luckily we are in downtown and there is a late night pizza place just a couple of blocks away so we went and got a couple of slices and then went back and crashed.

I got home on Sunday, called my dad then tried touching base with a couple of friends that I had already made plans with for the art fair and one of them decided it would be fun so she came and we went back and wandered some more. My “friend” called to see where we were and ended up meeting up with us for a bit later. As we wandered, looking at the old cars that go on display down there as well, we ran across my uncle’s car and later ended up sitting by it, having a beer…saw my uncle finally a bit later and, as usual, he had won first for his car (he has a mint condition 55 Thunderbird). Chatted with him for a bit and then ended up going home where I just vegged the rest of the night.

Bad weekend in that I didn’t do any running. I only had 28 miles in last week…oh well. I got up and did 6 miles this morning. It was a bit muggy but not too terrible. I so need to get back into a better and regular plan and eating habit. My weight is getting away from me again! Ah well.


JustRun said...

Nice! We need more art here. Or maybe I just need to go out and see it more often.

Kurt said...

Nice day and sounds like you and the friend are really hitting it off! Good for you I hope this one is better than those lousy C guys!