Friday, June 22, 2007

Thursday Run

It’s been a while since I’ve just written about a run. Sure I’ve made mention of what I’ve been doing in passing with other updates, but there really haven’t been any stand out runs. Everything all kind of blends together. I have run a number of them without watch (mostly wearing HRM though just trying to get a feel for numbers before I work out the mins and maxs). I’ve even had a few runs without anything but my MP3 and they have ranged from bad to OK or average but something yesterday hit me. Maybe it was the early afternoon chocolate chocolate chip muffin, or the Pizza Hut Express breadsticks so I’d have the energy to run without having to wait till I made dinner, had it eaten and then rested it off…Anyway, last night I could’ve gone further, I only ran 7 (had planned 5 or 6) and wish I had done at least 8. The first mile stat I’m not sure of, but I know it was slow due to stopping to say hi to a neighbor and pet her dog, but then I was off and most of the miles fell right around 8:35 pace, and HR stayed around what it has been most runs. I’ve been averaging maybe seeing a high of 167-175 (but that’s usually coming up the last hills), and most of the run has tended toward being in the mid-150s, which none of this means much yet since I only know my min and not my max HR yet. But I’m guessing this is going to come close to the average range that most runs should be in (65-75% effort I think). It was so nice to have finally achieved a good run though. Final run time had me at an average of 8:38, which it's been a while since I've effortlessly hit those paces. Maybe it was the slightly cooler weather last night that helped too. The run on Wednesday was only 4 miles and that one I almost bagged because it just didn’t feel good, legs felt dead (and I had only done 7.25 the night before) so I just don’t know. I’m still not sure about a fall marathon either, but it’s that time to start building mileage up, looking at a training schedule and getting something going soon if I’m going to even consider doing one…I’m still kind of playing it out to see what happens and if I can get into Twin Cities yet.

Wednesday night I went and checked out a bike race. First time I had ever been to one, at least in that capacity. It’s a pro race series going on in the area right now. Mostly within the metro with a couple of trips about an hour away. It was fun and Jelly Belly was there handing out sport beans, as was Nature Valley (which makes sense since it’s the Nature Valley Grand Prix) handing out granola bars. The race was a sprint in downtown St. Paul. Just a short circuit for an hour. There is another leg of it tonight in Minneapolis and me and a couple of friends are going to go watch and have a few beers to celebrate Friday. Should be a nice evening. That is if the rain holds off!! Tomorrow my parents are in town so I'll probably see them and I might be crashing a wedding, we'll see if I feel up to it or not. Sunday is the Pride Festival parade and I always enjoy checking out the festivities in the park during Pride so I'm hoping to make it down there too. I have yet to actually get to see the parade!


Firefly's Running said...

Have fun with your parents this weekend.

Kurt said...

Hope the weekend was nice for you. Good job on just enjoying a run!

JustRun said...

Nice on enjoying the run. Slow as I am, I tend to forget about doing that, too. You put in a LOT of miles so maybe you just had an off day on that previous run (unless I read something wrong because I am so tired, in which case, forget what I just said). :)

Dori said...

Wow, I've read some of your recent posts, and a lot has gone on with your life! Quitting two jobs, getting a new one. Weren't you training for Grandma's? And did you ever sell your house? Mine is still one the market--after one year! I finally bought a St. Joseph statue today.

I wanted to see that bike race, but had to do some other things. Ditto with the Pride fest--and it was just a few blocks away from my house! I got a late entry into Twin Cities by volunteering to assemble packets for several hours one Saturday. Call the TCM office for more information. It's nice that the humidity's gone, isn't it? :-)