Monday, June 12, 2006

ADD?? Taper Nuttiness?? Help!!

It’s Monday and I can’t focus…now I’m only thinking of all the things I need to or want to be doing to prepare for leaving on Friday…5 days and counting if you don’t count today…I checked the weather, lows of 70 and highs in the 90s, but that won’t be till at least noon, still so thankful that the race starts at 6 am, and I am such a non-morning person!! But it will be nice being done before the heat of the day as the lows are set for 70, which is maybe a bit warmer than I’d like (60s would be awesome with no humidity at start with highs by finish no higher than 75) but that’s OK, I can do this. It was very humid at the start of the 30K and I managed to do it and hit the time I need to get my soft goal of breaking 4 hours…I worked all weekend converting CDs, now to pick the final listing of music I’m going to listen to for the 4 hours…I need to get it all set cause once I take off, I’m not touching the MP3, none of this lost time cause the player isn’t running!! I’ll start it a few minutes before the race starts even so it’s going just fine.

I changed the plan up a little bit, I’m running 4-5 miles tonight with 4-6 strides mixed into that, to get the fast twitch muscles working. I’m then going to my sisters to have pizza and hear about her trip and collect my belated birthday present…then will work through getting a few more things packed up. I’m going to do light elliptical trainer, probably 20 minutes tomorrow in the morning and maybe a walk after work before meeting a friend for more pizza and to watch the runner’s around Lake Harriet. Wednesday AM will be another easy 3 mile run and Thursday AM a nice easy 2 miles with 3-4 strides. That’s it. After work I’m going to relax, eat some good carbs and finish packing to be to work by 7 on Friday so I can leave by 11…will be at home to pick up grandma around 1:30 and off to Storm Lake, via Marathon and a reverse drive (hopefully) of the course, then get my packet picked up and out to the campsite to veg till mom and dad get there. Gives me lots of quality time with grandma too…drinking lots of Gatorade and water this week, eating lots of good carbs and just relaxing and stretching and doing yoga as much as I can. I’ll probably drag my stick out more than once too to keep the muscles loose…what else can I do though…oh, good sleep as well!! I’m going to take Tylenol PM on Thursday night for sure to ensure a good hard sleep.

I can’t focus….must get some work done…


Running Rabbit said...

Collecting B-lated B-Day gifts is always a bonus!

mg said...

Sounds like you've got the week planned out smartly (the tylenol PM for Thursday sounds like a great idea) ... I know easier said than done, but try to not stress too much this week! You're more than ready to kick some butt this weekend!

Kurt said...

You need to do what I do, drink a beer, eat chocolate and have some cheesecake.

You will do fine, relax and accept that your going to kick arse this weekend!

Danielle said...

Was a nice b-day gift too, a dress and bracelet.

It's hard getting through...thank God I have plans through till Thursday!! And sticking well to my plan so far!!

I have had some chocolate, no beer till Saturday day, 10 am at the soonest (maybe 9:45 if all is really well!!)...cheesecake might wait till Saturday...actually I'm probably going Cold Stone for celebration, although I doubt they have one in Marathon, IA...OK...maybe a bag of double stuff oreos...:)