Monday, June 26, 2006

Shoes Make for an Expensive Weekend...

Ah, the lovely weekend…come and gone so fast…I went to visit friends (Heather and Jon) and their kids on Friday night. We grilled, then Jon had to go to work, Heather and I visited and eventually the kids went to bed and we watched a movie and just kind of vegged, then Jon got home and he and I went to a nearby bar for a beer and then went to another place since the first was so dead!! On the way home from the second a jerk cop pulled Jon over and went through a bunch of crap with him, Jon had not had enough to make him drunk but the cop was just being a jerk and ended up giving him a fine for not having his driver’s license with his current address (his reading on the breathalyzer was at least 2 or 3 beers below the limit)…I’m telling you though, in MN, do not not change your driver’s license!! It’s $10.50 to change the license address, $20 for a renewal and $122 for a failure to change it in 30 days…I really think I need to report my roommate, he hasn’t changed his license on his car or his driver’s license (I’m the only one that gets the mail and haven’t seen a new one come!)…he’s out on Friday, maybe I’ll report him then!!

So after that whole fiasco, we got inside, Alex, the 9 month old woke up, Heather fed him then we all sat up a bit talking, then went to bed…awake at 9:30. Hung out there a bit then they headed to Heather’s parents and I head to Albertville, to the outlet mall, just for two stops, Bass and Naturalizer…summer shoes, I don’t care about shoes most times (except my running ones of course) but man I love sandals and they had some sales. I got 5 pair, one will be more winter (a basic black loafer that I actually needed some basic new black shoes) and the others are all summery…bad, but they are all good brand and comfy and will get lots of wear!! That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

Got home in time to get a quick 6 miles in, had to cut the run short because of an issue with not stopping to use the potty BEFORE I started out, but it was a good run and would’ve only gone on about another half to three-quarters of a mile anyway. Then I worked and came home and crashed…long day!!

Sunday was fun, I was supposed to be going to the Pride Parade but one friend wasn’t feeling well and the other didn’t get back to the cities till too late for it, but we went down for the festival and ate, and wandered booths and had a cocktail and shopped a bit…collected freebies (at Pride that can be interesting stuff!!) and we got our Target/Pride temp tattoos, very cool Target logo in a rainbow background. The one thing that came to me though from the day is that this is why I can't find a decent man...all the cute, decent, fun ones are looking for EXACTLY the same thing I am!!! Sigh. After that we went back to my friends, took a nap, then went to eat and then home…where I finished ironing and then went for a drink at a nearby bar cause I needed to get out…roommate came home and he just annoys me…the man is just dumb. OK, this is my blog and I have to post this one thing about his being a moron…yesterday I ran the dishwasher, most times he just washes thing, but I put them in the dishwasher then cause he does a bad job and doesn’t use hot enough water! So I had run the dishwasher, it had just run, in fact the cycle was still on the drying cycle, dishwasher is locked, indicating that it has clean dishes in to most people right?? Moron opens it and starts to stick DIRTY DISHES into it! Hello, how dense can you be? When the dishwasher was just running, would you really put dirty dishes into it. He had been in the kitchen while it was running!! Is it Friday yet??

So today is nice, I’m heading out for a 4-6 easy miles today, and some sun after work, then maybe go home and hang on my balcony for a while, reading, and maybe I’ll make a chocolate malt or something for dinner…hmm…that sounds good…sit on the balcony, have a malt or maybe a strawberry daiquiri, although I’d probably make that a virgin one…don’t need to be drinking on Monday night by myself…although if moron is at home, I might need to, it’s the only thing that keeps me from murder!!


mg said...

Pretty shoes!

I hate the MN DMV, so I almost want to time my next move with my renewal so I don't have to hassle with them more than once (or give them more money). It took them almost 2 months to give me my license when I moved here ... such a big pain, especially when coming from a state that issues them on the spot.

I think you win the moron roommate award, if there were such a thing. Hope Friday comes fast for you and he leaves without too much trouble!

Kurt said...

DG, you know you live in a M state and they all suck. Every state that starts with a M should be banned from the USA!

Hey if you kill the moron your welcomed to run away to NC!

Do recommend as an alternative finding a new roomie!

Danielle said...

Yeah, I am on the hunt for a new roommate, had one lined up and she bailed kind of last minute, definitely being more careful on this hunt!!

I need to move to my C state!! M states pretty much are dumb, but I do like MA...

2 months sounds about right on the DMV getting you your's ridiculous some of the crap they pull. I hate the new licenses personally too!