Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Silly, Silly Girl

OK, so today my mom e-mailed me that they are picking strawberries…see my hometown has a berry farm and there is nothing better than going out and picking your own fresh strawberries and apparently they are really good this year too. So my thought, I’m going to be there this weekend, oh, but I don’t suppose they pick on Sunday (but they do, when the berries are ready, they have to be picked) and mom did respond that yes they do, but wait, I’m running a marathon on Saturday, is there any chance at all that I’m going to be able to squat down in a berry field for even a short time?? Hmm…probably not!! Sigh…I have to get some kind soul to pick some for me!! Too bad strawberries don’t grow on trees.

In other news, I had a nice easy 5 miler, averaged just under 9 minute pace last night, but I did 6 strides during it, varying from .05 to .10 of a mile…it was a nice run on a limestone trail and flat…very enjoyable while Tires Plus rotated my tires and changed my oil for the trip this weekend. I even ate fairly OK with lots of Godfather’s Pizza to carbo load on. Tonight it’s Lake Harriet Pizza and sitting down by Lake Harriet to eat it and watch the runners while we gorge on yummy pizza!

4 days and counting...


Running Rabbit said...

Awww...strawberries! My favorite!

Rest up, girlie!

Kurt said...

Your ready for your race. You will do well.

I love strawberries also.