Thursday, June 15, 2006

Less than 48 Hours...

And less than an hour of work today and then completing my list…I actually really like the logo they have on the main page for the marathon, I hope this is similar to what might be on the shirts and/or the medals!!

  • Grocery Store
  • Liquor Store (for celebratory beer for after race in case they don’t have any there, this is what I'm thinking, but will see what looks good!)
  • Wash Car (going to use one of the spray things and semi do it myself, if I have time)
  • Fill gas tank
  • Bake Banana Bread (if I have time)
  • Clean Out Car
  • Double Check Bag with Running stuff (be sure all running stuff is in it)
  • Pack Bag of “other stuff” (ie, clothes for after run, stuff for weekend if I stay)
  • Food bag
  • Books and miscellaneous bag
  • Load car
  • Load MP3 player
  • Get Cooler ready
  • Get food for breakfast ready to go in cooler tomorrow morning
  • Take a Tylenol PM at 8 so I fall asleep by 9
  • Finish watching Chariots of Fire with feet up, vegged on couch (or even in bed) with a cold Gatorade in one hand and water in the other and eating the rest of my pizza from Tuesday (carb loading, yummy veggie with mushrooms, olives and peppers)
  • Read over my training to remind myself that the training is there
  • Mentally prepare
  • Dream of the great race I’m going to have

Yes, I’m getting a lot done at work today…J Oh, and only 4 more hours of work tomorrow…in by 7 and out by 11 on the road to pick up grandma and head to the start!!


mg said...

Good luck! I'll be cheering you on from MN.

Running Rabbit said...

Would I be correct in guessing that you are a planner?? Me too!

Danielle said...

I'm a bit of a least on some things!! Or maybe it's just things I do when I don't feel like working!!