Friday, June 23, 2006

Races & Training

Yes, it is recovery time, but after each marathon you are supposed to plan ahead to your next races, so I'm thinking ahead to summer and what I want to do and what I want to accomplish this summer yet. I know I'd love to run a fast 5K and probably set my actual true PR on the 10K (mine is so soft right now it's not even funny, I can't not break it, by a lot).

Obviously I can't do all of them (If you notice, 3 of them are in one week) plus races are not cheap anymore...but there are some good and bad to each and I just can't decide. Here are the pros and cons of each:

  • Raspberry 5 Mile -

Pros: Close to Home (start line is 3 miles away); Proceeds benefit the high school track team (good cause); It finishes on the parade route so lots of spectators; Firehoses and popscicles at the end...

Cons: Can be really hot; Really close in time to the 5K and I'd really, really like to run a fast 5K

  • Lifetime 5K -

Pros: Not too far from home (downtown Minneapolis, could take a bus); Fast, almost flat course; Great beer truck with lots of free beer at the end; One of the cheaper 5Ks I've been able to find; Had a lot of fun at it last year

Cons: It was very hot last year as it runs at night and the air was heavy and humid

  • Lumberjack Days 10 Mile -

Pros: Need to run a long run that day of about 16, I could run 4 before and do a 2 mile cool down and have a different long run course; I'm going to Stillwater that day later on anyway for the festival, I could just go early and use the hot tub at the hotel after the run

Cons: Have to be up super early to get to it; Might have a lot of time to kill before I can get to the hotel to check in and get showered and maybe veg a bit

The other races, well, 2 I'm registered for, one is a half marathon I did last year that's pretty decent timing I think in my training and Marisa might come up for it as well, plus you get a tech shirt which is rare for races around here apparently!! The 10K is good timing as well for some things I want to try and I get free entry for being an MDRA member so might as well!!


mg said...

I do like "free" tech shirts ... I took a look at the page and the race does sound pretty interesting, and I'd have some good female competition to run with. I'll have to think about this more before next Saturday when early registration ends. Our local half is a few weeks later, and while it's a little cheaper I don't like the 8 AM start time. I don't know what races up in the cities are like, but races down here almost all start after 8. It's great in the winter when it's cold, but in the summer it can suck big time!

A free 10K is pretty cool! I'd probably lean towards the 5K since it sounds fun and you say you'd like to run a fast one. You might be able to pull off running it in conjunction with the 10 mile race, but I guess that would depend on how hard you'd be looking to run that one.

Running Rabbit said...

Hello? Is your middle name AMBITIOUS? God you are inspiring! (but you make me feel like a slacker!)

Kurt said...

Dang girl, the bug has got you good. I hope you run safely!

Your going to BQ at MCM!