Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sunny Summer Days

Ah man, it's nice outside, but I have to work tonight...I so don't want to go to Barnes & Noble tonight for 6 1/2 hours...I hate this shift, but with any luck it will be the last of that length that I work. This 6 1/2 hour one is dumb and I'm the only part-time who works a full-time other job that gets stuck with it. I haven't seen the manager that does the schedules in forever so haven't been able to talk to her about it (and we aren't allowed to write notes with requests anymore, arghh). Oh well, keeps me out of the house and away from moron, OK, one more post about him, this is my blog right? So last night I get home and he's cooking, I see him using a metal spoon on my teflon pans, I say "do not use metal utensils on teflon, you use wood or plastic", he says "I don't think I scratched it" then proceeds to start using the metal spoon I say, "don't use that" yet again, he then looks through the drawers for the wooden spoons (oh and not to mention the spoon he's using to stir his cooking is one of my good serving spoons, not just an everyday should be used for that kind of thing spoon) and then asks where they are, I point, cause next to the sink, where they have been since the day I moved in 5 years ago is the canister that has all my utensils for cooking, in easy reach...

So anyway, ran a nice 5.5 on Monday at an 8:40 pace, and last night, same route and cooler, less humid temps, a 5.5 at an 8:47 pace...kind of weird how that works huh?? Anyway, both easy runs, today I strength trained, wanted to elliptical too, but I was tired and couldn't get up...tomorrow I'll do an easy 4 in the morning, Friday strength and cross-train and then Saturday a 10 miler...I can't wait to get out there for more than an hour!! Then next week I'm going to start ramping up mileage and easing into harder workouts again...I'll probably do a light interval session next week and then ease back into what I was doing pre-marathon...I should hopefully be back over 40 miles in 2-3 weeks and happily running those endorphins again!!


Running Rabbit said...

I'm impressed. You go at things full force, huh? Determined?! I like that!

Danielle said...

Definitely determined. I have a goal and I want to meet it!! Boston is so close I can taste it and the right hey, I have nothing else occupying my time, might as well be in good shape!! :)

Kurt said...

You did better than I would have. I have nice stuff for the kitchen and if anyone (including the kids) uses metal spoons on my stuff they will lose fingers, maybe a hand even.

Your roomie is a turd but that is just my 2 cents!

You will make Boston. You will do it with 10 min to spare.

I plan on qualifying myself (god I really do hate marathons also LOL).