Thursday, October 26, 2006


I sit in contemplation as I wrap up a few final things at work and plan to head out of the office no later than 10:45 to get home, change to traveling clothes, and catch my ride to the airport. I’ve checked my flight status and found one surprise though. My itinerary had it listed Minneapolis leave 1:05 arrive DC 6:20, coming back I leave at 3:00 and arrive in Milwaukee at 3:55, then flight from Milwaukee 4:20 arrive in Minneapolis 5:30…I just checked the flight status and it has me leaving Minneapolis 1:05, arrive Milwaukee 2:10, flight from Milwaukee 3:35 arrive in DC at 6:20…WTF?? When I booked it, it showed direct on the way there (at least the way I read it, and it showed the connection on the way back) way and connection on the way back, how the hell did I suddenly have an hour and a half layover in Milwaukee? I mean I’m sure I still would’ve booked this flight anyway, but talk about misleading on the booking.

OK, that’s my little freak out. Not a big deal, but the change in planes gives chance to luggage being lost which wasn’t a worry before. I still am carrying my shoes and basic running clothes in my carry on, but my carry on is small, it doesn’t have room for ALL of my running stuff I want to bring, so I’d potentially have to buy some things if my luggage gets lost. Alright, that bit of freak out is over now too. I’m going to run Sunday, I’m going to relax, be calm and I’m going to find that feeling I had in the 3:28:xx dream a week ago. I’m ready, I’m prepared, my training has me set to run at least a 3:35, maybe even better so there is nothing to worry about. If the weather sucks, it sucks and there is nothing I can do about it. The chances we take in signing up for any outdoor event. If I don't get my BQ there due to weather (the only acceptible excuse) I have my back up to still be able to run it on 08. I can run Grandma's again. It's a flat, fast course that is perfect for a BQ, so the pressure can be lightened. It just means I don't have the 07 option of Boston, but that doens't matter...besides, not making any decisions on anything till Sunday at 12:30 anyway!!

I was 30 when I ran my first marathon…interesting that in 6306 the first thing I noticed is the 30 in the middle. My first marathon I ran as 668, 2 sixes, hmm, is there meaning? Grandma's was not a stellar performance, but I ran and completed it and that start is what brought me to this point in the first place. When I finished that first one, the idea of one day running in sub-4 after my finish (4:48) wasn’t even in my thoughts, but now I’ve done that, and regardless, I’ll do that again on Sunday. Running 10 minute miles was maybe an easy run, 9 minutes were pushing it…now 9 minutes or even a little faster are easy and 8 minutes are the push, or even 7 minutes…that’s my focus. My reminder. And the fact that on October 29th, I have the opportunity to exercise some demons and bad memories from that date…It wasn’t something I thought about until last night, the realization of what that date really was and what it can mean for me to meet my goal on that day.

Madonna was awesome. She wants me to stop by and/or call and leave her a message to let her know how I finished. She does remember me from June when I was in for the work then. She loosened up my IT Band. She found a knot I didn’t even know I had in my right calf. She worked out the stiffness I had in my upper shoulders, although didn’t have as much time for that as she would’ve liked. She worked my quads. My lower body is ready, my upper body feels good and with the stretches she gave me to do, I’ll feel good. I’m bringing my stick with me. I can ease and stretch the muscles more between now and Sunday. I guess I’m as ready as I’m going to be. I took my last little jaunt this morning too. Just an easy 2 miles, I don’t know that I’ll have time tomorrow and I didn’t want to go 3 days without running…I’ll do fun things tomorrow and Saturday will be a lot of sitting, drinking water, Powerade and resting. I’m ready…and here’s hoping 6306 will be good luck.


Kurt said...

You will do fine, no matter what.

Hmm, Milwaukee? Guess your going to hit the beer city and indulge!

I will do the tracking on your marathon and look forward to a race report and how much fun you had.

If in doubt, eat cheesecake, it solves a lot of issues!

Anonymous said...

Good Luck!!!

Vince A. said...

Remember to enjoy every minute, you will nail it.

Firefly's Running said...

Good luck, Danielle. You will do awesome!!

Ima Runner said...

You ARE ready and will do great. All the best to you, Dani. Have a terrific time at MCM.

Liv said...

Best of luck - have a great race!

MartyTheFool said...

Good Racing! I'll be watching you too! I just got a stick at the Chicago Expo, I agree, I totally love it.

Go get em!

the fool