Thursday, October 19, 2006

Random Tapering Thoughts

I have my checklist to go by for what I need for the marathon, but I'm thinking ahead to the fact that it’s maybe going to be colder than I like (I’m one of the weird ones that would be fine running 26.2 miles in 70 degrees as long as the humidity was low, although I’d say a start of mid 50s with highs in the mid 60s, very low humidity and no wind and cloudy would be my ideal if I could order up my weather) at the start and I plan on buying a paint suit from Home Depot or Lowe’s this weekend for about $5 from what I’ve been hearing, to wear till just before the gun goes and whip off before starting to run. I bought some of that type of stuff for Chicago last year, at the expo, for $7 a piece for the top and bottom…kind of dumb…but it kept me warm up till time to start running, particularly since you kind of have to be there early. I never think ahead for throw away clothes. I should be paying more attention and buying stuff when it’s really cheap and just having it stored away for races, but I don’t always think about things like that when I’m shopping. I tend to start wearing tube socks for sleeves, maybe gloves (of which I’ve gotten throw away ones, but tend to keep them in pockets instead of throwing them so I have more around than I really need but never can seem to find them). For the throw away things, I’m thinking about getting some Velcro and getting some pants at least that I’ll cut in half and then put some Velcro on so I can peel them off really easily while running…but we’ll see. I’m a very cold person. Today I almost froze to death just watching the two guys leave the gym to go running today. I had along my tights that are supposed to be good to -10, but for me they are not!! A windbreaker pant, a light weight long sleeved shirt, a heavy weight long sleeved shirt and a windbreaker jacket as options to wear. I looked at the news site for the news station 2 miles from where I work for the weather and it was 35 degrees at noon when I was going, but 28 with windchill….I decided the treadmill sounded better. I was in shorts and t-shirt and feeling a bit cold at first and then I saw one guy come out in shorts, jacket, headband and hood up, he headed out the door and I got a chill, but his buddy, that had already been in the gym headed out with him, he was wearing a SLEEVLESS shirt, SHORTS and that was it!! I was running 6.25 miles and decided to go intervals, 3 x 1 with ½ mile recovery at 7:40 for the first, 7:35 for the second and right around 7:35 for the third…warm up mile and cool down 1.25 in about 53 minutes, about the same time as the marathon paced 4 miles with 1 mile warm up and 1.25 cool down over hills on Tuesday…anyway, they came back when I hit 4 miles, probably 32 minutes they were out in the cold…some people are insane!!

Anyway, it finally came to me today that I should apply for part-time job at one of the running stores in the area. Actually I’m going to apply at all 3 of them that are close to me and see if hopefully I can’t get a couple of nights a week and/or one weeknight and one weekend shift there. Discount I could use more than the books, a different type of retail with people that I actually have a lot in common with and would enjoy chatting with a lot, and hopefully decent management (the stores seem to be pretty cool when I’ve been in there so I could guess management is decent). I’m doubting any of them have openings, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did? I have to go to one tomorrow anyway to buy some Clif Shot Blocks so I’ll ask and find out. I don’t know how to recommend shoes, but can learn, but when it comes to all else I have a lot of running knowledge, it’s my favorite when people come in looking for running books cause I can actually help them with that stuff.

So for this week I’ve run 6.25 twice, 4 miles easy yesterday and Saturday I’m going 8 a little harder for part of it and 3.5 easy on Sunday. Tuesday I’ll have 4.5, Wednesday 3 and Friday 2 and then the marathon on Sunday…by the end of next week, after the marathon I’ll have 1780 miles for the year…I think I should be able to run 2000 miles this year…actually maybe I’ll shoot for 2006 for the year and plan on getting the final miles on NYE, wouldn’t it be cool to run from say 11:45 pm to 12:15 am, run in the new year? But I know I’m going to be out having cocktails with friends that night…

Anyway, just random thoughts today, but I wanted to post something…I also need to get some work done!!


Firefly's Running said...

That's awesome idea to work at a running store. What a great thing and MUCH better than the bookstore.

As for the guys in the shorts, all I have to say is to read Saturday's blog and it will give my view on it.

Vince A. said...

Don't stress about your old job, a new opportunity will come along, and don't stress about the race, on track for 2000 miles you have the base. The weather will turn well, and you'll run well, and your success in running will translate over to your "regular" life. And remember to enjoy every minute of it, even the painful ones.

mg said...

You'd be really good at a running store. I'm sorry to read the both jobs have been kind of crappy lately.

We have a guy in town that is known for always wearing shorts and no shirt at races; it's joked that you can tell it's really cold when he finally puts on a shirt. Some guys are just nuts.

I'm catching up, but try not to stress about your training. I think your paces look really good, and I have confidence that you can get your BQ. You're a really strong runner, and I've been so impressed with everything you've accomplished this year.