Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tuesday Tempo Run

So yesterday was my last “hard” workout that I had planned for the remainder of my training. I had wanted to run a tempo of 10 miles, 7-8 at MP – 30, I didn’t quite get that unfortunately, I don’t have my Garmin with me here so I can’t get the exact paces, there were a couple sub 8 minute but the average was 8:22…still faster than MP I need for my sub 3:40, but it really felt hard…granted, I did 22 miles 3 days prior to that run, but still…I know, I know, I’m tapering now…and last taper I was chomping at the bit to get more running in, it was hard to cut back, but this taper I’m tired and looking forward to the rest. I like that I only have a 12 miler planned for Saturday (although to be honest I’m looking forward to training and runs being over and being able to just settle for a 10-15 miler on the weekends, I like being able to be done with a run in 2-2 ½ hours!! Longer just gets to be really long. I have a plan already figured out for my recovery and mileage during the “off season”…I have yet to decide on any spring races and such as I’m waiting till I see how I do in DC for that. If I meet goals, well, I have 2007 or 2008 for Boston, if I don’t, then I might have to find a fast flat course to get that qualifier on in the spring…So many things to think about but right now I’m just trying to find the confidence in my training that I should have, that I had last time but I guess when you have more of a time goal it’s harder. I don’t think I’ve done enough of the things I knew I needed to fix to keep on track this time around…but now it’s too late to do more. Anyway, enough of frets…this is a picture of my friends’ boys…they had pictures on Sunday. You can see how much they love each other!!


Firefly's Running said...

Can you be my running buddy on Saturday? I seriously need a partner to get the 15 miles. You can just do your 12 mile and then I am on my own for the remaining 3 miles.

As in future race, I only have tenative plans to run the Fargo marathon in May - which is flat and nearby.

Kurt said...

I have an Ultra I am signing you up for in the Spring. Just an easy 50K on a flat course. You will have to tell me all about it after you do it! See how easy your spring schedule is now?

Cute pics of the boys!