Tuesday, December 09, 2008

One More Day!!

And the madness ends!! One more final and I promise to catch up on the lives of my much neglected blogger friends. I appreciate all the good luck wishes and if you can hold them out to one more day I'll love you forever!! :) Last nights final wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it could be. Still no clue what kind of grade I'll pull off, but I feel pretty good about the in class, take home I don't know about...that stuff was a bit difficult for me. Tomorrow is open book so hopefully it's not too bad. I've been trying to refresh myself on stuff but it's hard studying for an open book.

Got a nice run in before studying tonight too. Even thought it was probably only about 10 out (high of 20 today and dropping to 6 with wind chill at 0 overnight they say). I haven't been to the gym to strength train in a week and I hate that, but I've been tired and studying. I was going to go tomorrow but think I might sleep in one more day and get back to it strong on Thursday. I do have to do something. I'm in a strapless dress in a wedding in a month and a half!!

Oh, and only 7 more working days for me left this year!! Yes...because of my company having shut down from 12/25-1/1 officially, and then speculation we'll be given 1/2 off too because it's a Friday and why come in for one day? Also speculation that we'll have 12/24 off (and I've taken it off already so means I get a carry over day!) and having conserved vacation time I'll be taking off the 3 days before Christmas and I have one other day that I'm just going to use on 12/19...so from 12/19 through probably 1/4 I'll be off work. So plenty of time to catch up with you all!! :)


teacherwoman said...

We have 8 days of school left before the Holiday break and then I have two full weeks off! I can't wait! Good luck on that last final!

RunToFinish said...

man it would be great to have a vacation like that!! Way to go on getting out in the cold.

L said...

Good luck on your last final! And enjoy the well-deserved time off!

Anonymous said...

A required vacation? Nice! Hope the final went well and you're all smiles next time you post. :)