Monday, December 22, 2008

Stolen From TCM December Mile Marker

Quote of the Month:
"Even the latest finishers aren't back-of-the-packers. They're the back of the front, still among the elite 0.10% of Americans who can and does finish marathons."
-Joe Henderson (from The Quotable Marathoner)

Ready for a New Year? Our tips are simple and quick for this month.

Enjoy the holidays! This is your permission to enjoy cookies, cake, cordials and cocktails this holiday season. Just enjoy in moderation. You have done the work this year. You deserve it.

Write down your top 3-10 accomplishments done in 2008. Put this in your running log. It's important to reflect on what you did well this year.

Write down your top 3-10 things you thought could go better in 2008. Put this in your running log. Perhaps you did not get your best 10k, or you disliked the weather for this year's marathon. Make a note of that.

Write down 3-5 goals you want to accomplish in 2009. Include at least one time goal and one new race you plan to enter.

Within 9 days, the world gets a fresh start for a new year! Take advantage of it!

** I posted this as a reminder that I want to come back and actually do it. **


teacherwoman said...

wow... only 9 more days! Happy Holidays!

L said...

Wow, 9 days. When you put it that way! :)