Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's Been Pointed Out...

Yes, I'm STILL neglecting...I know I promised an update and so far nothing. So quick one and hopefully more time tomorrow.

Thursday I was just done after work and chriopractor and then errands...I needed an adjustment bad. Then on Friday till tomorrow I've been dogsitting for my parents and poor guy needs attention so no time for being online!! (plus my house needs a desperate cleaning!!).

Saturday we got together for my sister's birthday and went out for drinks after dinner and a trip to the Holidazzle with my mom (holiday light parade downtown Minneapolis during the holidays). Stayed at sister's this morning till we went to brunch for her birthday (birthday is actually today) and then came home and watched the Vikings, went for a run with Max on icy roads and then have been trying to clean (although you wouldn't know to see the place, funny how it's always messier before you managed to get things cleaned!!). I managed a 14 mile run yesterday and 4 today and finished the week with 41. Tomorrow is 18 weeks from Boston, and while I don't have a full plan together yet, need to work on that over the next few days, I'm feeling OK about the base to start up.

Anyway, will try to start catching up this week...I do promise!!


RunToFinish said...

holidazzle well that sounds awesome.. I need to just start making up names for when we go out to stuff

Firefly's Running said...

I miss the Holidazzle parade. I look forward to hearing about your Boston plan.