Sunday, December 21, 2008

Busy Cold Weekend

So I've been using my vacation well so far. Friday I braved the Mall of America and basically finished Christmas shopping, except for something for my grandma's...I think I'll get that tomorrow and just have to order one thing for a friend and I'm done. I hate shopping so it has taken time. After the shopping trip I made it to the gym, talked to my cute trainer, did some lower body, and elliptical and run, figured I'd do that on Saturday and Sunday, little did I know...Met a friend for dinner, hadn't seen her since Halloween. On the way to dinner we exploited her discount at Target and I got myself a new TV...Then we had dinner and headed to our favorite watering hole and another friend of mine met us. Late night that night!! A few too many but oh well.

Saturday dawned with a snow storm, and cold. I didn't leave the house till much later, didn't get my run due to the cold. When I did venture out it was not a fun night to drive in, but I had friends to meet for dinner and thing is in MN if you opt to not go out in crappy weather, well, you'd be in all winter. So met the friends and we went to a nice Itlian place downtown had great conversation, good food and drinks and then went to a nearby more upscale bar and hung out chatting amongst ourselves. Unfortunately we got back to find my car gone. My friends live on an unmarked section of a snow emergency route and snow emergency was declared and towing ensued. So annoying and expensive but oh well.

Got up today and had some tenative plans but ended up staying around home, except for a quick trip to the gym and a run. What really sucks is that the cold turn we are taking, again, leaves us with a winter weather advisory for tomorrow. Windchill is going to be so bad that you can have frostbite in 10 minutes. I guess I'll be at the gym for a run. I'm doing a complementary session with a personal trainer tomorrow, he's not as hot as my hottie at the other gym, but he's cute...might end up selling me some sessions!


Runner Leana said...

Brrr, I definitely wouldn't run outside in that. Good luck on the indoor run! Congrats on the new tv, but what a bugger about the car being towed!

Firefly's Running said...

Stay warm!!