Thursday, December 18, 2008


So it's finally here...a whole 17 days off. Of course a couple of those days already have plans...Christmas and all that. Have to go visit the family...but other than that, I have time to relax. Mainly planning to clean house, finish my shopping and see some friends who will be in town. And of course run. I have to get some good running in now, while I have the time. Hopefully I will make some progress on a few things at least.

Anyway, now to get caught up on friends blogs!


Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time off.

Jean said...

17 days off...nice! I hope you enjoy your vacation and have a wonderful Christmas season, Danielle.

Stay safe in the snowstorm this weekend, too!

RunToFinish said...

now that is one of the best benefits of being in school... long periods of time off!

Firefly's Running said...


Anonymous said...

Yay - vacation! Enjoy your time off. Do all those things you never have time to do. Merry Christmas!

Doug mentioned that we should have invited you to our Christmas party tomorrow. :) Too bad it's a little far to go. Kristina was asking about you, too. We were running in the snow yesterday and she was wondering how you get your running in all winter. No, we haven't forgotten about you over here.