Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas to Me...

OK, I will be getting back to my goals, however, had to take a quick break away from that and blog a little running/workout related stuff.

So I mentioned the new TV that I bought myself right? It's only a 19", but flat panel, LCD Hi Def for my bedroom. However, I guess I was a really good girl because I bought myself some personal training sessions yesterday. I've had the basic routine, showing me how to use the equipment before, but never actual sessions. After my fitpoint assessment last week, I had a complmentary first session set up with a trainer (actually the head of the PT department at my gym) and we focused solely on upper body because, well, I have a wedding on January 31st that I'm in and we have strapless dresses. Anyway, they have a sale right now, 50% off sessions with a personal trainer, for new customers...well, I'm a new customer so I'm doing it. I bought 8 and am conteplating maybe 2 more, figuring on meeting with him every 3 weeks or so, that gets me through Boston and into the summer, can change up the sessions etc...did I mention he's really cute too?? :) Not as hot as my hottie at my old gym, but cute, too bad he's married!! Anyway, one other thing I'm probably going to do is a VO2 max test. They have the set up at my gym to do the VO2, the metabolic workout rates etc...they have another test for figuring out your resting metabolic rate too, but that one is just less important for what I do anyway. I can use this and figure out zones for doing heart rate etc...so we'll see. First session is 1/7/09. I have time for the workout he set me up on yesterday, and I have basically 5 weeks to the wedding to look good. Of course I don't want to outshine the bride (not possible, wait till I post her pics...her dress is so perfect for her!).

About to head to my parents. I had scheduled 8 miles for yesterday with 8x100 strides. I only had time for 6 before my training session, but did another 3 after...Today I was going to run 10, I was all ready to go and forgot to put on my Yaktrax...we have had a lot of snow (but it warmed up, was 10 today woo hoo!) over the last few days and going was very, very slow. It's like running on loose sand...I was exhausted by 6 so stopped at 8. 1 hour and 20 minutes...yeah, I had some 10:30 miles in there. Normal run for me, easy pace, 8:30...so yeah, the snow slows you down tremendously!

Anyway, if I don't get another post up before Thursday, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. And to those that don't, Happy insert holiday name here. For those traveling, safe travels.


Andy said...

Been awhile since I've had a chance to look at your blog. We got a new flat panel for our bedroom too a few weeks ago! Very cool and now have more room on the dresser. I used the Yaktrax for the first time on Sunday running in the woods. It was slippery in places and I didn't fall down once. We have rain/freezing rain today. I just wish it would change to snow as I'd like to do a run after work. Crazy day and I need to run it off.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your new TV and happy holidays.

RunToFinish said...

well you've just got all kinds of goodies there!! A personal trainer sounds fantastic, I really want to hear about the VO2 Max as well, I've wondered how helpful that would be

Mohan Mahesan said...

Merry Christmas to you too. Just finished my blog and stumbled on yours when I hit "Next".

Anyway I run too and I have completed an MBA so that is two things in common.

All the best with your wedding & Happy runnin.