Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy Weekend

And no time for posting. I kind of hate that. Anyway, I had my long run of 16 miles on Saturday, it didn’t quite go as I had hoped, but I still managed an OK pace. My plan had been 8 at MP + 60 and then 8 at MP, but the 8 planned at MP didn’t happen…first mile I had to take a longer break because the last water stop before the 6 mile run home was busy…ughh…but I still managed to get the whole run in (even with a few stops for traffic and the business around Lake Harriet, I have to remember that and stop with the running later in the day through the busy areas!! Sigh…Pace was 9:11 overall though, which is still MP + 60 so not bad. Had a busy rest of the day by meeting up with friends and going to a place on Lake Minnetonka for dinner and a few drinks, hung out there until I mentioned something about the naked guy in the shower that dances at The Saloon, a well known gay bar in downtown Minneapolis…well the girl driving thought that sounded like fun and we decided to run into downtown and hang out a bit. It was early when we got there so we stopped by Gluek’s and said hi to a friend there and took advantage of some cheap drinks (courtesy of Cordell) and then off to the Saloon we were getting tired so didn’t stay long enough for all the real interesting stuff to start up, but there was one quite interesting feature of the night witnessing the two guys having sex over in the corner of the bar…this isn’t the first time I’ve witnessed something like that though. Last time was a guy and a girl, this time two guys, so I guess now I’m due to see two women…the interesting entertainment of the downtime life though.

Sunday was an interesting day. My friend from South Africa (SA) is a huge rugby fan and South Africa was playing New Zealand (his favorite team) on Saturday and a friend of mine could get the broadcast so she recorded it and we hung at her place (I was dog sitting while she was out of town) and he was explaining rugby to me. He was the one with the tickets for the Vikings on Friday (which was a fun evening and yay, we won, they have yet to lose when I’m in the dome…hmmm…) so it was a fair trade…I’ve decided rugby is football on speed with some hockey (there were a few fist fights) thrown in. Gotta love rough sports!! I had gotten a 7 mile run in early in the day and then a walk around Lake Harriet so good exercise day.

This week is an easy week, 20 miler on Saturday and maybe a race on Monday, but for the main week, I’m just running easy, was going to do 4 or 6 yesterday but was really feeling tired so I just vegged and got up this morning for an easy 5. Tonight I’m going to the state fair, taking my SA friend to see it and to the Poison concert…yes, I know, but hey, they were good in their day, and he loves rock and most of these bands never toured in SA so with his birthday being this month, I bought tickets and said we could go. Great thing is he even managed to get us free state fair tickets so we will go tonight to see the big pig, eat deep fried cheese curds, all the food on a stick and who knows what other junk, take in a little of the fair and then watch the concert. It should be fun. Tomorrow I even get to sleep in a little as I’m just strength training since I’m running an easy 6 or 7 tomorrow night with a friend.


The Spandex-King said...

I'm a huge viking fan from Wi. I don't know what was more fun. Watching the Viking win on Friday or watching the Pack get killed last night. You have to check out my football post on my blog today.

Go Vikes!!!!

Firefly's Running said...

Interesting...I am NOT surprised that you saw what you saw at the Saloon. They should have taken it to a hotel room. LOL!

Nice job on the runs this weekend.

Kurt said...

I remember the first time I went into a bar in San Fransico. Yep it is different!

Good running and keep at it.

Andy said...

I hadn't read you blog in awhile. You have some interesting experiences! Maybe I need to get out more???

That was some nasty hail that you posted!

Maybe you need to move? That condo board sounds a little too controlling to me. I thought the homeowner's assocation we used to have was bad.

Good running too!