Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Tuesday, August 8 Intervals

I have an offsite meeting today but wanted to do a quick update of my morning workout…and actually even last nights right was good. OK, so cooler temps might be helping and the rest of last week (even if my race wasn’t really a rest). Last night was going to do 5, but ended up doing 6 because I was feeling good, had a yippy annoying poodle run up and bark at my ankles at one point and I must’ve sped up a bit due to annoyance cause mile 3 was 8:15, but the rest were in the 8:40s or so (one a bit slower as it was up a long hill) and averaged 8:40 pace, and that was just an easy run that felt good. This morning was interval day, Yasso 800s, well, half miles so I figure if I’m a couple of seconds slower than the predictor pace, that should still be OK…anyway, 10 x .5 with .25 recovery and mile warm up and cool down. Was between 3:00-3:10 for recovery and the intervals went like this:

1 – 3:36
2 – 3:38
3 – 3:30
4 – 3:30
5 – 3:38
6 – 3:37
7 – 3:32
8 – 3:29
9 – 3:28
10 – 3:41

Still not the consistency I’d like, but I’m getting a bit better and all but the last one were under 3:40 (if I have kept going straight instead of doing a tight turn that slowed me down I would've been under 3:40, probably 3:38 again), while I’d like to be running 3:30-3:35 (my goal marathon time) I’m still under the 3:40 I need to get my BQ sooo….guess we’ll see come October. Anyway, the temps were quite cool this morning, almost considered light tights. I’m going to do a 4 mile easy after work today (will need it after 8 hours of testing that I’m involved in today…ughh…). Today’s intervals did feel easier than the last two weeks for the most part too, so that’s good. I’m still contemplating if I’ll do the tempo run on Thursday or not, had considered not doing it, but I might just cut it shorter and do both workouts this week. The long run this week is only 14 miles (I’ll be in my hometown and it’s so boring running there, seriously running around the town only gives me 2 miles so I have to get creative where I run).

Oh, and I found a roommate...(Kurt, hopefully this one will be good and you won't have to be digging any holes). Met him on Sunday when he came to look, we talked a lot, he seems cool, I think we'll get along well and he works a 2nd shift, 4 pm - 1 am so not like we'll be there together a lot anyway to get sick of each other and what we talked about I think will put us in a good living situation, we both like clean, respect for each other's stuff, etc...and he works for Comcast which just bought Time Warner, my cable company, and gets free cable phone, cable internet and all cable...I get basic cable, but we'll get the digital tier and movie channels along with DVR!!! Plus he's paying me rent...I think this is going to be an awesome situation!!


Kurt said...

I have shovel ready if need be.

Great track work out there DG. Your so going to rock at MCM. You will be close to 3:30:00 I know it.

Firefly's Running said...

Awesome run! I almost thought I saw you at your usual spot on Lake Calhoun today.

Congrads on the new roomie!

Ginger Breadman said...

Wow - justlooking over your 20 miler and your impressive 800 workout - great job! Putting in a lot of hard work ought to pay off when that marathon comes around.