Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Tuesday, August 15 Intervals and Frustrations

So even though I was up a bit too late with a friend last night, normally I go to bed early, he goes to bed pretty early normally too as he gets up quite early, but we were semi watching the Vikings pre-season game and I was explaining football to him, (he’s from South Africa and is of course not into American Football, I was explaining it and he was telling me about rugby in fact) and it got later…so I was asleep by 10:30, but I do need more sleep with my training…it’s interval day.

Intervals were pretty good although I was in shorts and short sleeved shirt and was COLD this morning. I don’t complain about heat, but I do complain about cold. Granted I ran a bit better, but I really could’ve been in long sleeves and tights and been comfortable, I don’t like this at all. I did do a pretty good workout though. I warmed up with 1 mile, cooled down with 1.5 miles and in between I bumped up to mile repeats with .5 mile recoveries, total time was just over 1:08 for an 8:30 pace overall. I’m going to work up miles for the next few weeks and will go back to 800s one time later to check them against Yasso’s idea/theory just to see how well trained I am at that time.

Mile 1: 6:58 (was shooting for 7:45 originally but thought 7:30s this AM)
Mile 2: 6:54 (OK, this and the first were downhill for some and the rest flat)
Mile 3: 7:12 (intentionally put in a good hill, it felt tough but still not bad for pace)
Mile 4: 7:11 (was beat, more of down hill, but I was feeling a side cramp even)

Not a bad workout, I feel good about the results and will try to maintain this pace and keep it up for the next few. I’m also intending on doing them mostly over hills just to maintain things.

So now the frustrating thing. I normally work 7:30-4, have done this for the year and 8 months I’ve been with the company now and it’s been nice. Most everyone else works later, my new boss was here around 8/8:15, now it’s more 8:30 (he moved further away), my co-worker is in anywhere between 9 and 10 and here later and my boss’ boss is here around 9…and she works a lot of hours…Suddenly now it’s mandated that everyone has to start work between 8 and 10…so now earliest I can leave is 4:30, heck, my boss even mentioned my co-worker here 9-5, which huh, that’s not the same as me, and she takes smoke breaks a couple of times a day. Apparently my boss’ boss has tried to get a hold of me after 4 a few times, not necessarily for urgent things that couldn’t wait till I’m in ahead of everyone else, but suddenly I have to be here later…which messes with Barnes & Noble and my being able to be there by 5…my boss is OK with letting it stay a bit flexible on occasion, and you know, I’d be fine with it if I was given a good reason, or told that after this monster amount of work gets worked through (we just acquired a company) I could go back to my earlier hours, or something…but this upsets me. Something I’ve liked from day one is my flexible hours and being able to get out early. I’m not a morning person, but I like to leave early so I force myself to be and it’s nice…Now for no good reason that I can understand, I’m suddenly having to stay later…and my more productive time is the morning. It always has been, by 3 pm I’m so fried I’m just ready to leave…I barely struggle with filing and basic things in the last hour…plus I’m most likely going to just be here at 7:30 anyway as traffic sucks coming in at 8, it’s fine if I’m here by 7:30/7:35, but sucks later…and going home, same thing…I’m suddenly not so happy in my job…oh, and the thing is, it’s not like I’m doing overtime, we have to be approved for it as we get paid for it (at least I do) although I haven’t ever been one to claim overtime even if I am there a bit later or work through lunch…such a simple thing to make an employee happy and they take it away from me…makes me feel less happy about my job and the company by a lot. Prior to this announcement, even through a lot of crap to deal with, I could say I really do like my job, now I’m not feeling so loyal or needing to stay, I could probably get more money elsewhere, but I liked the hours I was working and the way things are, this change just makes me wonder what else might change…


Firefly's Running said...

Change is hard. I hate it at time when I am not in charge of it. Talk to your boss's boss and explain your concerns. Starting later may suck, but it may free some time to run before work without getting up insanely early.

Kurt said...

I hate blogger, it deleted my post.

Okay what I was trying to say was I agree with Firefly, try talking to them and see what you can do. But be prepared to have to live with the new changes. You may have to think of new career options (or move to the beach lol).

Companies can be weird that way and I hope it works out for you.