Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday, August 22 Intervals

Well, I did sleep last night, not long enough since I had to work, had I been home I would’ve been in bed much earlier…and while early on customers sucked last night, at least the ones I dealt with at the end of the evening were pleasant and made the last couple of hours go fast. I didn’t get enough eaten last night to fuel for today either. Dinner was a bagel and peanut M&Ms…yes, not the best but it was what I had since I was at the store and hadn’t had anything to bring. Sleep is good though…I hate when it eludes me.

Today, 5 x 1 mile repeats. Actually on my plan I had it written still for 7:45 pace…OK, so not as terrible as it turns out, but while running them, I thought of last week and the 7:00 or so I managed to probably average and that is what I was trying for…1 mile warm up, a little stretching and off:

Mile 1 – 6:51 (fairly even in ups and downs for the hilly pieces)
Mile 2 – 7:34 (a bit hilly but again seemed even, was very disappointed in this one)
Mile 3 – 7:09 (still bummed not 7, but better than last one)
Mile 4 – 7:19 (not sure what happened)
Mile 5 – 7:09

So seems 7:10 was better thought for the average. OK, yes, eating wasn’t good last night and each mile was over a slightly different section of road, although honestly why that one was so slow…I mean it was maybe a bit more uphill, and there was the van incident (decided not to run that section again) but still. Oh, and half mile recoveries and 1 mile cool down for total of 9 miles in 1 hour 20 minutes, just under 9 minute average. Doing a 6 mile easy recovery tonight with a friend…

Working out other things right now too. Think I have the roommate thing resolved, going to discuss with a friend tonight, but I think she is going to move in with me end of October and I’m going to stop with the people I don’t know (at least for the 9 months that my friend wants to live with me, no she’s not pregnant, that’s the time frame she wants for deciding to find and buy a place).

In other news though, my association has told me I need to replace my balcony, at my expense and they were good enough to find me a place to do the work…at the cost of $4500…This deck is 16 x 5…they plan to do cedar…this is a deck that is painted…my dad does woodworking, he priced it out with cedar and without…he found materials should come to about $900 for cedar and about half that for green treated lumber which is better and lasts longer particularly if you are going to PAINT IT (why have cedar if you paint it??). Is someone gouging us…I think so…Oh, and they are planning to have the work completed yet this fall, by September 15, and we have 30 days after that to pay for it…yeah, $4500 in less than 2 months…cause I’m rich and just have money laying around for things like that!! Ughh…it’s a non-necessity item and I’m not doing this this fall (can’t afford it anyway) and I think it’s way too high a price for that. Especially in just hearing what others have maybe paid on things like that. I want to have my dad do the work, but he’s not a licensed contractor, trying to find a way around that…I would trust his work and know he’s not gouging me, he probably wouldn’t even charge me enough…ah, the joys of an association…but then again, you live on a city street and a city can assess stupid things to you too that you have to pay for. It sucks though as I had it worked out if I have a roommate until next summer I can have one major loan paid off and big chunk of another gone as well. I’d LOVE that…and then something like this crap comes up…sigh…

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Firefly's Running said...

OMG! That's just SUCKS! Don't they realize that YOU have to pay for it. If they insist on getting it fixed, make THEM pay for it. **grin** They seem to be the ones with the $$$.

Nice job on the run!