Thursday, August 10, 2006

Tempo Thursday, August 10

OK, originally I was only going to do an interval workout this week since I ran last weeks race faster than planned, but I decided to keep mileage up and keep my workouts going, I would just shorten it from the 10 miles planned total run with 8 at marathon pace (working these up to a bit faster than marathon pace) to a 7 mile run with 5 at marathon pace. My goal time is 3:35, to give me cushion to achieve BQ. My pace I need to run to get that is 8:12 I think (can’t quite remember for sure) so I was shooting for the 5 MP miles at 8:10, eventually working those up to 7:45. I ran over the hilly areas in my neighborhood this morning for this run to conserve on time.

Mile 1: 9:22 pace (warm up and over some hills)
Mile 2: 7:47 (all flat and felt a bit harder, but didn’t realize it was that much faster)
Mile 3: 8:21 (hills)
Mile 4: 8:42 (has a very long, probably just under a half mile, fairly steep hill)
Mile 5: 7:44 (this had mostly down hill motion, although a few climbs)
Mile 6: 7:52 (again some ups and downs)
Mile 7: 8:08 (oops, this was supposed to be cool down)

Again not real consistent, but it was a good feeling run and the 5 MP miles were at 7:59 which is better than hoped for and I didn’t feel burned out or dead at the end obviously or I would’ve slowed down more when I could’ve. I could’ve gone at least another mile or two I think with the way I was feeling. And again, this isn’t flat terrain, I should take some pictures of the area.

Anyway, better get to doing some work. I only ran 4 yesterday easy in the morning with a strength session after. Took last night off to rest the legs and saw a movie, which I honestly should’ve skipped since I was tired and should’ve gone to bed early since I’m working tonight till 10 and then am getting up 45 minutes earlier than I need to to drive my roommate to the airport.


Kurt said...

Glad to see you do the hills. The beginning of the MCM you will hit Lee highway and have the hills in the first part of it.

I think your capapble of 3:30:00 on MCM if the weather is cool enough and running a slightly faster pace is good for you.

Danielle said...

That's what I'm hoping for...the hills helping me. I need to get to a place to run that I can be pretty much on an uphill for the first 3 miles (as that is how the elevation map looks) and then be able to hit another hill in the last couple of miles of my long runs...

3:30...I don't know about that...I haven't been training for that fast!!

Running Rabbit said...

Good job speed racer! :-)

Firefly's Running said...

Way to go!