Friday, October 05, 2007

The Smell of Autumn

Last weekend I did some shopping. I’m not a big shopper but I had a couple of coupons and needed a few new clothes so I went to the mall for a bit. One of the coupons I had was to Yankee Candle. I’m a candle freak really, it's a sickness. I have a TON of candles and I just keep buying more, I can't seem to burn some of the ones I have (some are scents that are no longer made and if I burn them they will be gone) AND I had just bought some candles from a friend that sells Partylite, but still I had this coupon and it was a good one, buy one get one free on the big jar candles…that never happens. They have buy one get one half off sometimes, but never buy one get one free on anything…so I had to go.

I tend toward the buying the “fresh” smelling candles, you know, anything with ocean, rain, sea, waterfall in the title or the very light floral scents (in particular rose, if it's a good classic rose scent). They did have one that was called Autumn Leaves and I really don’t have any “fall” scented candles, so I smelled it…and while it was a nice Autumn orange, and had colored leaves on the label…it just didn’t smell “fall”. It had a pine overtone, and that right away turned me from it so it kind of had me thinking about Autumn smells. Autumn is not about pine…when I walked outside for lunch yesterday, I took a deep breath and smelled…I don’t know what, but it is not pine. It's clean, the smell of the humidity gone from the air, the freshness of the leaves, the clean scent of the earth (we’ve had a lot of rain and you can smell it), maybe even smokey smells from bonfires, but it’s definitely not the pine overtones that were in that candle. I thought about this the whole time I was running, and I even brought my camera and took some pictures that I promise I’ll try to upload over the weekend. I was thinking about what kind of scent should’ve been the stronger one and I just couldn’t come up with it, it was there, I was smelling things, but nothing quite clicked…until I got home. I had my camera still and needed a couple of new pictures of my house, so I took them and walking around the building when the scent of apple cider came to me from somewhere (probably my mind, but you know, I still smelled it)…then it clicked. The overtones of the candle should be apple, along with everything else of course, but this is apple season. Leave the pine for the winter/Christmas scents, because that is what you think of at that time of year, fall is about apples, bonfires and earthy tones.


Dori said...

Yep, apples and also cinammon. It's looking a lot like Autumn these days, but it's pretty. I read your earlier post about Fall being bittersweet, and I agree. Winter is something I put up with, not enjoy. I'm glad we're still able to run in shorts at least.

Firefly's Running said...

I miss being in MN during the fall. The trips to the apple orchard. **sigh** It does not feel like here at all. Great pics!

Andy said...

We have tons of candles too. Used to go to and even hosted a party lite party. I love the smell of their candles. We probably have enough to burn for years to come.