Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednes...Nope, Thursday

Wow, this week, after dragging on Tuesday has just gotten away from me. Thanks for all the thoughts on the panic. Breath in, breath out and it was worked through and resolved happily. So I'm happy about that. Workouts this week have been OK. I strength trained on Monday and did elliptical trainer on Monday night. Tuesday I ran 5 miles in gusting winds and yesterday I was off because of a chiro appointment and then a dinner someplace new with L. It was just a bar, typical menu, but we are both on a kick to lose some weight and he suggested a nice salad and they had something both of us were able to enjoy. Him a steak and me a buffalo chicken...both fairly healthy even!! I wanted to at least strength train yesterday but just didn't have time even at lunch because the day was just insane, finally starting to find some breathing room though and moving forward on a few projects. Hopefully I can strength train at lunch today (looking promising so far) and then a nice run outside on what might be a last night (read 65 for a high, sunny and no wind) for the year. I'm hoping to have a ticket booked to see one of my best friends in the world tonight too...would be going first weekend in December to visit her and her husband out in Idaho. I haven't seen her in almost a year and a half and she's one of those people that no matter how infrequently we see each other or talk on the phone, when we are together again it's like we just saw each other yesterday. I'm so excited to see her.

Also I had the weirdest calls coming to me the last couple of days. Some job headhunter person, no idea where they got my number, but regardless, it's been kind of annoying (I haven't been around to answer it, but they leave a message and say they are sending something to my email account and so far I've seen nothing and these calls are coming on my cell phone) as I know my resume isn't out there, in fact, I don't want it to be because I honestly like my job. I like what I'm doing, I like what I have as options and opportunities and how the duties keep growing. I enjoy the people I work with's a nice feeling. Finally, this job and my last job were both that way and in a day and age where job dissatisfaction is up and where I've been extremely frustrated by jobs in my past, to the point of being miserable in some, I like that I'm finding places that are making me happy...


JustRun said...

Sounds like some weird solicitor got your phone number. Maybe you can just take them as little signs from the universe that remind you you're happy, even if you already know it. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things have improved with your situation! Sounds like you're on the right track! :) Good luck fitting those workouts in. Sometimes it is a challenge.

I am glad to hear that you enjoy your job. So few people say that anymore. Although, I do think some people wouldn't be happy anywhere. But, I think enjoying your job is a must!