Monday, October 08, 2007

Twin Cities

Who would’ve ever thought or believed that October 7, in Minneapolis, could hit 80 degree temps and 87% humidity…I really felt for the runners out on the course talk about a painful run. I walked out of my house around 10:45 to go and try to watch for the few people that I did know were running, I got to mile 23 at 11:30 (after a quick stop at the farmer’s market for some apples) and saw one guy that I know, but doubting that he remembers me I didn’t say anything, then I was watching for a friend that I had planned to surprise and run a couple of miles with, but didn’t see her, and found she wasn’t too far behind the guy I saw, so that was a bummer to miss her and the run as she was kind of hurting then and I would’ve loved to have helped with the pain. At the same time I was getting updates from MNFirefly as her boyfriend Josh was going around the course…he did finish and got his medal, but with very little support since they cancelled the race, being short of water…I feel so bad for the runner’s out there.
Considering the time and training that goes into a race like that,
it’s really hard to not be able to finish what you started. I guess
there was a reason I had this stuff going on that kept the
motivation from running Twin Cities this year. My plan is to run
it next year. I have friends from around the country that are
going to run it as well hopefully and I’m really looking forward to
a fun time…anyone reading this, this is a call out…fall marathon
next year, why not do the most beautiful urban marathon? It’s
really well run and organized, just a little bit of a hilly course toward the end, but we’re runners, we can deal with that right? How about this for my new bumper sticker. It pretty much says it all. Oh, and that's me on my trail run last week...finally got it posted.


JustRun said...

I really felt for people in all the Mid-west races this past weekend- that weather was just awful.

As for Twin Cities next year... hmmmm. Maybe if I don't get into the "other" one. AND if my body decides to cooperate.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

What would it take for me to convince you to run Chicago in 2008 instead of TC?

Here's what we have to offer you at the Chicago Marathon:

** Too many starters, crowded course for the first 7 miles.

** Poorly manned, disorganized aid stations.

** 90 degree heat and 90% relative humitity that you can especially feel in the unshaded areas of miles 13-16, 18-19, and 21-finish.

** lame Michelob Ultra beer in the finish corral

** crowded subway ride away from the racecourse.

I'll be there for sure, and so will some of the best (and worst) runners in the world.

Join us! Join us!

Chicago Marathon

Be there!

Official Motto: "The race has been cancelled! There are no more ambulances to help you."

Firefly's Running said...

I LOVE the bumper sticker. I had one of those on my old car and miss it.

Anonymous said...

80 degrees! Although I wouldn't want to run in that, I am a bit jealous of the warmth.

I'm still not ready to go for a full marathon. Training for a half takes quite a bit of time, I can't imagine trying to get in enough time for a full! Maybe someday - although even the mention of a full freaks my husband out completely. He's afraid I'll injure myself - again.

Fun bumper sticker! :)

teacherwoman said...

Sweet! LOVE the bumper sticker!

Sometimes I get the crazy idea that I would like to do the Twins Cities Marathon...