Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Dam(n) Hill

Yes...tonight was hill workout night. We ran the dam hill...literally...that's what it is. A run up from the Ford Dam...We me just under 2 miles from this wonderful hill and ran to it for a warm up. The hill itself is just under .25 miles, so we ran down, then up, and down, and up...for 10 repeats...oh yes...it was fun. Apparently this will help us come marathon day up Summit hill...I don't know. Personally I think they were trying to kill us. That hill definitely seemed never ending!!

Today it is 2 months to Twin Cities. Yes, two months from today I'll be hoping to break my PR. I'm very nervous. I decided I need to actually review my PR marathon training and compare it to now...in a quick review I'm really not sure where I'm at and where I was. I was doing A LOT more interval training then. A lot more miles, etc...and not much for tempo runs. Now my easy runs are faster, my long runs are faster, I have about the same amount of long runs planned, but I'm just not feeling like I'm doing enough. Maybe it's the lack of speed work in intervals or the lack of tempo runs (well, I've done them, just not fast enough) I just don't know...one of the coaches at the training group tonight told me to follow the plan, see what happens...but thing is, I can't afford to do something that might not be enough and might not quite work. Especially with only two months left!! It really has me feeling quite ill...just what I don't need...this has been a weirdly stressful week so far too. Long story on that to come!

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Firefly's Running said...

I did not like that hill too. Nice job!