Thursday, August 07, 2008

Tempo Thursday and Cake

Here’s hoping…although as I type this, it will not post till after my run (unless I go home and post it, then run and then post again, would that be super silly?). I really am pressuring myself on my running, as you can see on my last post. Why? Who knows. I need something to freak out over maybe? Anyway last night I was up a bit later than planned, a friend is in town and I was asked to sub in on a kickball team, so between all that it was quite late when I went to bed, so I didn’t get a run in this morning the way I wanted to, but that means my legs have had 48 hours of nothing but a 30 minute bike ride in them (OK, not quite, but close) since my hill runs. I’m hoping for a really good tempo run tonight…and to try to solidify that, I had a 2:30 snack that has been shown in the past to be good for that. Cake. Yes, you read that right. Remember from 2006? Cake = Super Food? Anyway, I’m attempting it today and it wasn’t even an accidental thing. Nope. This was an, I was out running errands for lunch and I stopped at a grocery store that has a good bakery and has cake, smaller slices (and I cut the piece into two pieces, one for today and one for tomorrow). I wanted chocolate with white frosting, which wasn’t to be had, since chocolate for some reason goes with chocolate and white with white…I settled for the marble that was mostly chocolate and had chocolate and white buttercream frosting on it. Yummy!! Now only hope it works.

In other news. In prep for Twin Cities, and the group coming into town for it, I got a space booked at a bar that for some reason I overlooked till now…we will be having Happy Hour on Friday before the race and getting to know each other more. This is a combination of people from my two yahoo groups I’m part of. That should be fun.

So yes, I made it through my run. Was supposed to be 9, I did 10.5 (we finished at 8.5 on Tuesday and I had to make that even mileage). First two warm up miles felt really sluggish and I prepped for a bad run...second was close to 10 minute pace even but I had lost signal a bit. Anyway, I stepped it up and my first tempo mile was a disappointing 8:30, but then I had a 7:48, 7:44, 8:04, 7:44, and 7:33. The overall pace for the 10.5 was 8:24, which isn't bad. It's still a bit slower than what I would need to qualify and 25 seconds slower than the pace I'd like to we'll see. I did tell myself after the first mile that was slower than tempo I wanted, to just relax and let it go...and after that it did and while it never felt as flawless as one run I remember well, it was faster than that run and still felt OK. So I'll get there...hopefully!

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Firefly's Running said...

I hope you had a great run.