Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Upcoming Vacation

So many posts lately about my running and not really anything else…but then I’m less than 6 weeks now from the marathon, which means 3 more hard weeks (and 2 days gone from that now!) and 3 weeks of lighter, tapering…so you can see where the obsession comes in right?

Anyway, in other news, other than running (I have 21 miles in so far this week by the way, and yeah, it’s only Tuesday…yikes, but vacation starts Thursday so need to pack them in before I go, bad time for vacation but oh well), I have orientation tonight, which I might have mentioned yesterday…in fact by the time I get this posted I will probably have already been. What’s interesting about this is that I actually had to read an article before it because apparently we have a classtype discussion about leadership after the sign in (at 4 pm, hello, we are working MBA students, that’s the reason we are taking the night program!) and keynote address by the Dean and then dinner (yeah, dinner, who knew?) we have a class. Kind of weird…meant I had to get up early today so I could run before work, that’s all I know and I have to miss my group run tonight…sad times.

In other news. I leave. On Thursday. For vacation!! Yippee…this is that trip I was supposed to be making to a wedding that is now changed and apparently I wasn’t invited to the updated small ceremony, even though I already had my ticket, but actually that works out better as I no longer have to spend $200+ a night to stay in the city and instead I get to visit my favorite city, in this country, that I have been to so far. I fly into NY on Thursday, meeting up with my friend Kurt who is getting me from the airport and is planning to take me on a 10K route that he runs in his area and enjoys. There is dinner planned and beer will be drunk, he asked what kind I like, my reply, anything not overly bitter or thick!! I like trying new beers so we’ll see what he finds…he also mentioned wine…yum…then on Friday I’m back to the airport to fly up to Boston where I will meet up with my friend Bill and possibly at some point my friend Craig and meet Craig’s lady friend perhaps…Bill lives in downtown Boston. Bill has a great slicery just a block (not even) from his building. Bill has a liquor store just a block from his building…Bill has a train station just around the corner that can get you to the North End and fabulous Canole…and he also lives on a really great 4 mile or so loop along the Charles and just down from Harvard, and not far from BU…oh, and the Boston Marathon Finish line!! My goals…see Heartbreak Hill, hopefully run a race (they have a live run for the Nike Human Race from Cambridge on Sunday) and maybe get up into New Hampshire and Maine…beach fun is supposed to be had as well. We shall see…I’m there for about 5 days so lots of time to see a lot!! I was contemplating a whale watch. That could be cool.

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