Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hot and Steamy

Much the way Twin Cities and Chicago were last year. Tonight was Tuesday night group run and we started from Minnehaha Falls here in Minneapolis and went over the Ford Bridge (crossing the Dam hill we ran two weeks ago) for a nice warm up of 2.5 miles to a water stop. Plan from there was 2.5 or so at marathon pace to the Franklin Bridge, the bridge you cross during Twin Cities from Minneapolis into St. Paul (mile 19) and then the back to water stop was to be at half marathon pace and after the water, for another mile to mile and a half at 10K pace if it was in you...well, the 10K pace wasn't quite there, but miles went pretty decent. Overall time was
1:22:22 for 10.3 miles and an average of 8:01 pace.

Warm ups were 8:49, 8:55 and a 9:20 split with a 6:59 (lost signal and some downhills and partly was the pick up mile) so those two splits were a bit off, but the progressive miles were: 7:50, 7:26, 7:19, 7:38, 7:36 then cool downs of 7:59 and 8:21.

I kept up with 2 of the guys for the faster paces and that was good. They took off the last mile we were running faster, they were probably just under 7 and I had it at around 7:20 again (the mile splits were a bit off as we started at 2.75 for the progressives so weren't quite a good indicator of everything). I'm happy having just over 10 miles at MP though. That is a bit of a confidence boost, especially since 5-6 of those miles were under MP. Hopefully it means good things.

Heel...it's still sore at times, I have the night splint and am doing the exercises. I have 7 weeks (which most things seem to indicate how long the stuff might take to fix the issues so we'll see).

Oh, and on a side note. I just finished watching a movie I started last night called The Long Run. It's something I got off Netflix...it wasn't a horribly well done movie, but it's a fictional movie about a woman that is coached to win the Comrades Marathon, she's stubborn and never been formally coached, she's coached by a crotchety old man set in his ways and who just lost a job...but it really is kind of endearing.

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JustRun said...

Way to fricken go on your speed, woman!