Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Done Deal

My house has officially been listed for sale. My realtor came over last night. He took a truckload of my stuff to make it less cluttered looking with him and we filled out the paperwork and put it officially on the market as of last night.

I did have a slight, tiny little freakout feeling after Jon left with my stuff...but that's OK. I'm moving on to different things. It's time for something new. Clear out the past, my future is somewhere else. Even if it is just a different four walls and different address. I've had many good but also some bad times in this place and maybe getting rid of the ghosts of the past will help me to move forward. My only wish and hope is that the place my heart is so set on is still available and/or things work out for me to get it. They dropped the price again yesterday and that scares me because as the price gets lower, people are going to get more interested. I honestly can't understand why someone else wouldn't want it anyway. I mean it's so perfect. It fit me. It's mine. I can see myself living there. It felt like home even though I wasn't even there that long. I've been thinking about how I want to decorate, where things will go, how I'll arrange things. Even with the place I currently live in, I didn't have that feeling after one time there. A place has to feel right, and since then I have, off and on, viewed other places, but none of them felt right. Mom keeps telling me "if you don't get that one you'll find something else, it just means it wasn't meant to be." But this is hard for me because I know I was meant to live there. Plus I don't exactly believe in fate. Sure, signs happen, but you do make your own destiny, free will and all that. Thing is, this is something a bit out of my control. I'm going to see if they will take a contingent offer, based on the sale of mine, but they might not, the market it slow, I'll just keeping hoping.

In the meantime I'm burying Joseph tonight (tried this morning but could not get into the dirt, I'm going to use hot water to get it loosened up tonight), I have to work, but the time before I work I'll take a nap and do a bit more "decluttering" of drawers and such. I loaded up so much stuff just dumped into boxes last night to get rid of the clutter...keep with the good thoughts and everyone will be invited for the house warming at the new place! (Did I mention the new place has a 4 person hot tub on the deck outside?)


JustRun said...

Good luck! It will all work out.

Firefly's Running said...

Hot tub?! Wow! That's definitely a keeper.

Ginger Breadman said...

Sweet! Hot tub party! I'm there! Oh, wait - I live too far away. Where did Jon go with all of your stuff? It'll all work out in time. Buying and selling and moving is all so stressful, but being on the outside looking in, it's all just a natural process, you'll get through it - I'll keep thinking happy thoughts.