Monday, March 19, 2007

Training Week 5 - 14 Weeks to Grandma's

Monday, March 12 – 4 miles easy at lunch and then 20 minutes of strength training. No watch but I did 10 miles then after work in 1:28:15 (8:36 pace) that felt good.

Tuesday, March 13 – 6 miles in 56:15 (9:22 pace) that wasn’t bad, but legs felt it after the tough run yesterday.

Wednesday, March 14 – 8 miles planned LT run which should put the LT miles at 7:45 or so, this run was 1:07:42 (8:28 pace) and the LT miles (5.5 of them) had one at 8:18 when I went up a big hill, but the rest were right around 8 or just under, so a little slow, but it was kind of a hilly course.

Thursday, March 15 – 6 miles that felt really easy 51:40 (8:37 pace). Was meant to be a recovery but it felt really good. I did 25 minutes of strength at lunch that day followed by the run after work.

Friday, March 16 – 3 miles easy, taper for the race.

Saturday, March 17 – 1.9 mile warm up in around 18 minutes. 22:00 flat 5K (21:52 on Garmin) race around Lake Harriet and then a 5 mile run in the afternoon with no watch as a recovery. I had intended on doing the 5 miles immediately after my race and they were going to be 10, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

Sunday, March 18 – Day off. First day off since Monday, the 5th so I guess I was due. A friend was in town, I had been out for St. Patrick’s day the night before and mileage was good for the week.

Mileage –47
Strength – 2 sessions, Monday 25 minutes, Thursday 25 minutes
Elliptical – 1 30 minute session

Still not much of a long run this week. We’ll still see. I HAVE to get a long run in this weekend. Sure Monday I did 14, but since it wasn’t all together, I don’t count it. The race wasn’t bad, a nice PR but would’ve been better if I hadn’t stayed out. My only for real next race I have is a 1 mile run in May. I’m still debating what I’m going to do for speed work training. I haven’t raced a mile since high school. It’s such a new concept and thought process for me. With a 6:38 first mile split on the 5K though, I would think I should be able to do something big.

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Kurt said...

I see your still training well for the marathon. I will send you a link to an almost sure fire BQ marathon that was sent to me.