Monday, March 05, 2007

Traing Week 3 - 16 Weeks to Grandma's

Monday, February 26 – 6 miles in 56:05 (9:20 pace). This was over not so great paths due to snow over the weekend. Was an OK feeling run and was over some good hills so overall pace wasn’t bad.

Tuesday, February 27 – 7 mile 1:00 (8:36 pace). This is a slight guess only cause the first mile I had forgotten to turn my Garmin on. Other miles are fine and this is over a very hilly path, the day I decided Grandma’s was no longer a go. And worked out some anger issues at someone else…but we won’t get into that. I think the stress taken off over both issues just freed me to run and even though it was hilly and still not all cleared (same route as Monday) it felt good and I felt strong.

Wednesday, February 28 – Easy 6.25 over lunch break. 55:39 (8:34 pace) It still felt good and was still over the hills, which were more clear today finally.

Thursday, March 1 – 6 in 59:05 (9:51 pace). I ran in the blizzard, outside, around home…snow striking me in the eyes or face (depending on if I had my hood up over my sunglasses on), I got home wet and cold but it was a lot of fun. Great workout!

Friday, March 2 – 4.25 miles on the treadmill in 36:45 (8:39 pace). This sucked. I hated every minute but there was no help for it cause the paths were all covered in way too much snow…that’s what happens when a blizzard strikes. One of the last places they clear are the walking paths.

Saturday, March 3 – 5.5 miles in around 45:55 or something like that (don’t have Garmin with me so I can’t quite remember the time). The pace was really good, particularly considering some of the routes weren’t real clear.

Sunday, March 4 – 7 miles 1:01 (8:43 pace) around my neighborhood and sidewalks were finally plowed so it was safer running. Things felt good but I didn’t have anything to eat before so while I might have gone further, it wasn’t really an option.


Mileage – 42

Strength – none

Elliptical – none

Well, since I’m not necessarily training now, guess nothing wrong with the week, mileage was good, speed was definitely picking up, but no long run and that’s a bad thing. I do have to get run of 15 or more in this weekend regardless of if I’m training or not. I also took this week off strength training just cause I didn’t feel like doing it. It was just not in me and I think it’s good to take an occasional break. I’ll be back at it this week.

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