Thursday, March 15, 2007

Training Week 4 - 15 Weeks to Grandma's

Monday, March 5 – A little strength training and 35 minutes on the elliptical

Tuesday, March 6 – 7 miles through snow, slush and hills 1:03:19 (9:03 pace). Not my fastest, but considering conditions it wasn’t bad.

Wednesday, March 7 – 5 miles over the hills and through snow and slush again 45:59 (9:12 pace), so so run followed by light strength training

Thursday, March 8 – 7 miles that felt really easy 1:00:12 (8:36 pace) this one felt nice, must’ve been the weather finally warming up that helped

Friday, March 9 – 5 miles easy with no watch and then a little light strength after

Saturday, March 10 – 4 miles easy with no watch

Sunday, March 11 – 8 miles that felt really good and no where near as fast feeling as it was. 1:05:05 (8:08 pace) really not a bad run.

Mileage – 36
Strength – 3 sessions, Monday 20 minutes, Wednesday 12 minutes, Friday 10 minutes
Elliptical – 1 30 minute session
Walking – Around Calhoun with my roommate, 3.2 miles

Still not 100% sure what will happen with Grandma’s. As I’ve stated, I’ll continue to train because you just never know when I might decide, hey, maybe I will run it. I’m also toying with the idea of running Twin Cities this year. It requires little money to do since I live here and wouldn’t have to travel…just entry fee. But do I really want to do it? I’m debating if this is the year I should take off from marathoning…and advantage though is that I could train on the course, the exact course, not a guess of where and how the hills are. I could run it as a pre-race test if I wanted to…things to contemplate.


Firefly's Running said...

You get the rest of the mileage. Have fun on Saturday.

justacoolcat said...

Twin Cities is such a hot event. Grandmas would probably be way more enjoyable.

Running Rabbit said...

Take your time figuring out which ones to do. :-)