Monday, March 12, 2007

The Weekend

Well, another weekend that was busy and it was so nice out that I never had a chance to get online. It Started with drinks at my hangout on Friday night. My roommate and a friend of hers came out and we were having fun and I happened to run into J4…now he hasn’t been mentioned in quite some time as I hadn’t heard from him after meeting him Super Bowl Sunday. Kind of a fluke on him being there, he saw me and we started talking, he couldn’t necessarily explain exactly why he didn’t call, but he did regret not calling, so said he would call me the next day before he left. We closed the bar and went home…

Saturday morning I had an early morning wake up call from C…that is always nice to get a call at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. Apparently he can’t sleep in anymore since he gets up early for work during the week so he opts to call people then. He might be working on my mortgage when I find a place which is why he was calling, to let me know that he had the option to do it. We talked a bit and then I got up since there wasn’t much point in trying to sleep longer. I had a scheduled showing for my house on Saturday from 1:45-3, so I did a bit of straitening up and decided to call my home and talked to my dad for an hour. Got off the phone with him and shortly after that (while my roommate and I were chatting), J (we’ll drop the 4 since the other Js are not a factor anymore) called and we talked for a bit. He invited me over for dinner and suggested a movie rental or something for later. I was game for it (particularly since he was offering to make a rotisserie, rosemary chicken, sounded yummy!) and after going for a walk with my roommate around Lake Calhoun (it was a gorgeous day on Saturday) and taking a little nap, then going for a run, I went over to J’s for dinner. We ended up drinking some wine, chatting, eating a most excellent meal, he showed me the work he’s doing on his house and then we watched Man of the Year which was quite funny. Both of us were tired from being out late the night before so around 1 (OK, it wasn’t real early) I headed home with thoughts of potentially having him come with me on Sunday to look at the house I was interested in buying. (They were having an open house).

Sunday I lost that darn hour but had an excellent run. Not real far, but I did 8 miles in 1:05:05 (8:08 pace) which felt easy. It must be the dropping 5 pounds of clothes, all I was wearing were light tights, light weight windbreakers, a long sleeved, light weight tech shirt and light weight windbreaker on top. The nice weather helped too I’m sure. Later that afternoon my roommate and I headed over to my friend’s that lives on the street I was hoping to move to. J met us and we started a look on the house to see what might be good and what might not (J is a contractor so part of why I wanted his help in looking). Unfortunately we found out there was an offer in on the house. My realtor called and asked about contingent, but they wouldn’t go contingent so it’s now gone…which means I’m going to stay with my asking price and work to get as much out of it as I can so I have more money to put down on the next one along with money to use toward remodels and such I might want to do (good thing I now know a contractor!!). After the look, my friend and I went for a walk with her dog and caught up, went back to her place for a while and then I headed home to meet up with MNFirefly and FullMetalLunchbox (who if you are keeping up, have been officially dating for a couple of months now and MNFirefly is moving to Chicago for a job and to be near her new sweetie). J came with me as he had nothing going on and was game for getting out of the house and the four of us met for a few beers and some food. Was a nice evening, FullMetalLunchbox seems quite nice and I think he would be a fun drinking partner, (particularly with reading his blog) too bad we didn’t have more time!! And he was working on my running Chicago in the fall…not sure I will, but I’ll have to make a trip down for a party weekend, and they have promised to come back for my housewarming, whenever and wherever that might be. Anyway, they were kind of cute all snuggly on the booth, kind of made you sick to watch (just kidding!!).

That’s it for my weekend, but another one without a real long run. I did some strength and 4 miles at lunch (it was too nice to not go outside) and tonight I’m planning 12-15…we’ll see what happens. I’ll rearrange


JustRun said...

Nice weekend! Too bad about the house but you know, mom is right. :)
And yeah, you run more than some professionals I know. Or at least the miles make it seem that way.

Firefly's Running said...

ROFL!! Personally, we were wondering about you two as well. ;)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

If you run Chicago this year I'll be your friend.   :)

Kurt said...

I see the fly is a bad influence on you. She dates a J and now your only dating men with the initial J.

Hmm, Chicago sucks for running. Go to NY instead.

Anonymous said...

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