Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow, Snow and More Snow

This is what it looked like on my run last night. We haven't had snow like this (2 that blizzards within days of each other) in 25 years. I remember the last one in 1984...MN is known for it's cold, not so much the snow. What I remember as a kid was actually a fluke thing. What this means though...yesterday was March 1st...March came in like a Lion...early spring!! (not to mention the ground hog did not see his shadow this year!!)

I can’t believe I haven’t had a chance to update my blog now in a couple of days. And here I’ve even made some big decisions and I have yet to share them but with a few. I went for a run on Monday of 6 miles during my lunch, it was painful to a degree, but we had had snow, parts of the path weren’t plowed, was a bit slippery and a pain. Tuesday I was out, things weren’t feeling much better and I was supposed to do a 10 mile with 5 at LT pace of around 7:45…umm, knew that wasn’t going to happen. I’m just so not ready for that pace right now. I then and there decided that with everything going on (and just another recent disappointment in trying to find a place to stay) Grandma’s is out. I don’t have the motivation to push my training, things are still tight and hurting a bit and I just want to run just to run. I don’t want to train for it. If I wanted to, I could run and finish it, but if I’m going to run it again I’m going to PR and that just isn’t something I feel my training is going to attain this time through. So now I’m just running to run. That decided on that run, while I didn’t make the 7:45 paces for the 5 miles, I did hit some pretty intense hills and did 7 miles at an 8:30 pace. (yeah, I couldn’t get the 10/5 because I had work on Tuesday night) The last couple being sub 8 which is fastest I’ve fun in a long time. No Garmin today so I can’t post exact paces. Yesterday I ran 6.25 miles, over the same path and should’ve been a bit easier and it actually was just under 9 minute pace so again not bad. I think taking the stress off myself might be helping. I am bummed about losing registration fee and part of me still wants to do it and I might still train it, but without a place to stay and worse yet, no one guaranteed to come with me, I just don’t see it happening. Also today I’m supposed to be doing a 10 mile and we had snow last night and are expecting more this afternoon…I’m going to go out in it, but don’t know that I’ll get 10 miles in. And tomorrow is typically an off day, I’m going to run, but I have to work too, so no time for a longer run. We’ll see what happens over the weekend too. I’m running now more for fitness and weight loss than anything and I kind of like that. I don’t like pressuring myself to have to run this or that. I want to do intervals again, when weather permits, but I don’t want to HAVE to do this type or that…

In other news…I finally made a decision on my living situation. I had been on this whole, do I buy something else here, do I stay where I am or do I sell and move out of state…well, I’ve found areas and places that I kind of like and I decided yesterday I need to get my place on the market and move to one of the areas I really want to live in. In fact I think I have found the place I want. I haven’t seen it physically yet but it’s on the same street as one of my closest friends, is in an area reasonably close to everything I like to do and places I like to be, AND is at an affordable price after I ran some numbers…sooo…that means I need to get my place in saleable shape and on the market ASAP. My goal is Monday the 12th to list, and sooner if possible but I have so much I need to do to reduce clutter and make it viewable. Wish I had had it on the market sooner of course cause the place I want I know will be gone before I get mind sold…however, I did just order one of these that should arrive about the same time I’m going to list, so hopefully that will prompt something! Oh, and I talked to the mortgage people I'm planning to work with and as I suspected I'm payment scares me a little as something was off on my calculations a little, but it's still doable and I'm still going ahead. Might mean having to stay at B&N for a while (or find a roommate which is the plan...I'll have a 2 stall garage on either of the two I'm looking for!!).
So back to the storms...We got hit on Saturday with one blizzard and Wednesday and yesterday gave us more. My boss told us to leave yesterday at about 1:30, and that was just shortly after we had gotten back from the thank you lunch they had taken us out for. It's just unreal though, how much snow we got. Enjoy the pics. These were taken from home and during the 6 miles I plodded through the snow (in 59:05...yes, it was a bit slow, and not the 10 on my schedule, but I think it probably should count for at least 8 plowing through what I was at times, and the slippery spots, and watching for the cars!).
This is what was happening about the time I decided to go run. Those would be my mailboxes and no, it hasn't been plowed yet!

My balcony around 2 pm yesterday. This included the snow from last weekend too, yes, I do know I need to get it cleared off!

You can't see it quite as well as I had hoped, but the prints on the left were from when I left the house, the ones on the right were right after I got back. It filled in that much in just under an hour. Some of them I couldn't even find. Oh, and I had taken my shoes off before running out to take the picture...I was in stocking feet in the snow!!

Balcony after all the snow was finally done, well, kind of. This was this morning and we are supposed to get maybe 3 more inches. I did make it into work though this morning. And I have running stuff with me, so am going to attempt a run at lunch.


Firefly's Running said...

Wow!! We got a lot of snow here too.

JustRun said...

Okay, even I think that is insane! Be careful out there!

Nat said...

How exciting about the search for a new place to live! We got 17.5 inches out here. Crazy. It's a great day for running today though.

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Good luck in your continued training.   It seems to me like you are making the best of challenging circumstances; certainly the weather at least has affected everyones' training (I myself am at least four weeks behind schedule).