Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Boredom

Well, I do have plenty to work on, but I'm just kind of antsy and just had cake (it was one of my co-workers 40th birthday today and we had cake to celebrate, it was quite yummy...but I'm going to crash from it in about an hour!! Then maybe have a good run!). It's drizzyly/rainy out here so I got a strength session (35 minutes even) in and am planning a 3-5 miler tonight to lead up to the long run I'm planning to run tomorrow (unless Sunday looks better, but I have to work that day so it might not be the best). I really do have a lot going on tonight so the run might or might not happen. I have been contemplating a shopping trip to get something new to wear tonight...I'm tired of my clothes, none of my summery ones seem right or are something I want to wear (or can quite yet) and I'm tired of all my winter ones. I need to look good cause C might be out, I'm really, really guessing he won't be, but you never know. Anyway, yeah, I still owe that story don't I?
My MP3 seems to be caput. I can get it working, it starts up and works fine, but then when I shut it off and go to use it next time it's in "recovery" mode and it won't get out of it on the basic reset (meaning pull the battery for 10 mintues and put it back in). I can fight with my computer and get it working again, but then it does the same thing again. It's a pain and I've had the thing for 2 might just be time to get something else. I found this one today and it seems to be what I need/want (I want playlists, although the owners manuals don't seem to explain how to use them, it seems like it has them!) and the price is reasonable (I can get it at Circuit City even cheaper than it shows at Amazon and have it yet today) and I have a $25 gift card that I need to use before tomorrow's either that or the new thing I might want for wearing out tonight!!

I also need new jeans...I hate buying new jeans. I found jeans I loved about 7 years ago, but they were in the process of changing them. I haven't tried them since as I stocked up, but now, while the jeans still look fine, I have this slight problem...I've lost some weight (OK, so really not a problem per se) and now they are a bit big...and I really hate jeans when they are too big! So, now I'm on the hunt and starting to get to a point where I really need some. I tried Gap cause I've heard good things about them, but didn't like them. NY&Co I have denim capris that I love, but didn't like their jeans either. Express is what used to have the jeans I loved, I could check there again, but haven't yet. I'm going to maybe run to Target and/or Kohls to see what they might have as both places I have had previous successes on too. Now, I'm not cheap, but I do not like to spend a ton, but I'm so fussy about my jeans I would, if I found some I loved...I'm probably going to start needing new work pants too. I have some I love, but again, getting too big...

Downtown Minneapolis picture that I took on Monday night when I was outside on top of one of the bar/restaurants in the Uptown area of Minneapolis. That view is probably going to be blocked soon because of a city ordinance that was changed allowing for a 12 story building when only 4 story buildings are supposed to be built in this area...isn't that sad?

Anyway, I suppose, I should do something productive for at least another hour today...then off to shop a bit, take a nap, go for a run and get ready for the evening and whatever it might bring. Wish me luck...I might need heart is so going to get broken...(no, I'm not in love, but I'm lustful like and it's killing me!)


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I know how you feel.  I've had the same clothes shopping impulses lately.  If we were the same gender (and lived in the same city) we could browse the racks together.

Good luck finding jeans and mp3 player that fit.

Firefly's Running said...

Danielle, I have to take to the clothes store that I found a pair of Old Navy jeans for $8 and another pair of Gap jeans for $10. Very cheap finds, but nice condition in the clothes.

Dori said...

Can jeans be tailored? I tried on some jeans at Nordstrom the other day. They were expensive ($150) and I didn't buy them but they looked FABULOUS! They were an alternate label for Seven, but I don't remember the name. The waist was cut higher than Seven and others of that ilk. The saleswoman said they would last 3 years, which my Gap jeans don't.

Great picture of downtown! Wasn't the weather Monday awesome? Sigh. I can't wait for the warmer weather to stay.

Ginger Breadman said...

jeans are always a dilemma. I have the same problem that when I finally find some I like, by the time I need a new pair, they've changed the style. It's sorta like running shoes changing a good model.

Beautiful photo of downtown!

Nat said...

I have the same problem with jeans too. I can't seem to find any these days that fit and my old ones are looking pretty sad.

JustRun said...

How did the shopping go?

And not in love but lustful confrontation? (Gah, I hate that stuff!)