Monday, March 26, 2007

1 Year

Wow, a year ago today I started this blog. I've never managed to write in a diary for an entire granted, I haven't posted everyday, but I have managed to do at least an update or two a week and sometimes more often. How time flies too, and things change. I'm still in MN, still in both my jobs, still in my condo, but the condo is on the market (and I had an open house that 3 people came to which apparently is actually pretty big) and of the three, one actually seemed semi interesting, I don't believe that it will lead to anything, but the fact that I've FINALLY had someone come look at it, gives me hope that maybe the May 17th deadline I had for wanting to close on it and on whatever I buy isn't totally hopeless. is a weird day for MN weather. Normally a cold month, today we are at 77 degrees...and check the "feels like" temp. Remember those posts back and January and February? 10 feels like -1, 0 feels like about a difference!! It is a BEAUTIFUL day and such a shame I have to be at work right now. But I'm leaving in an hour or less so that's a good thing. I ran at lunch in short sleeved tech shirt and shorts. And I'm not one to complain about the heat, ever, no matter how hot it gets. But to be honest, it was a little hot out for a run when you haven't acclimated to heat yet. We're talking almost 80 was upper 30s a week ago when I ran that 5K!! Nothing like having to adjust to cold and then to heat (but like I said, I don't mind at all!).
Tonight I'm going to grill out too. Probably burgers...with a friend (J)...well, we'll see where it goes. It is a male friend and we have been hanging out, but I'm holding back a bit, remember that thing I should've been posting about I hinted at last week, we'll I haven't had time (or maybe the guts) yet to post about it, but it involves another guy, that I'm unfortunately hung up on, to a degree, probably because he doesn't want a "relationship" or isn't ready for one is how I should say it...thing is, I'm not asking for one either, I don't want one anymore than he does I don't think, but dating, that's another story. But anyway, this guy, C, has hurt me, quite badly, and I haven't really gotten any good answers from him on it. And to be honest, I don't know what it is about him. I want him out of my head but so far haven't been successful at that. So did you follow all that? J is who I'm attempting to see what might happen, C is who I think I have a thing for still (OK, so I know I do) and I do feel bad about doing this to J...I have to make a decision on something soon, either I have to forget C or I have to stop hanging out with J except on a friend basis (he and I did hang out yesterday and he was asking me if I had been hurt, and then after dropping me at my car said something about being friends, or's kind of up to me it seems...I might have to share with him about C...)


JustRun said...

Whew, dating! Why DO we get hung up on people? I'll never understand it, I swear.

Firefly's Running said...

Happy Blogger-ersary!!

Kurt said...

Enjoy the cook out.

Life is short, if someone is not giving you what you want don't settle for the heartache. Passion does not have to have the trouble with it either. Move on and find the right one.

Ginger Breadman said...

sharing stuff about J to C - that might get tricky. But fogetting C? It's hard to deny feelings - they're honest and true. I guess you can redirect energy . . . I better not even start on this subject. Crazy.

You're weather is crazier - your temps went from our typical cold winter day to one of our warmer summer days all within a week. I can't imagine if it did that here - I'm so jealous of weather to grill in! Enjoy it while it lasts!

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Just remember: not all of these guys are good enough for you.