Friday, March 16, 2007

Irish Weekend

Yes, I am actually doing a race this weekend. After much debate on myself, with so many factors pulling me so many ways, I wasn't sure I would be able to do it. But I'll run my first official 5K in a couple of years now. I haven't trained for it, so I don't expect it to be fast, and I haven't tapered for it (I haven't taken a day off running in the last 10 days), so I REALLY don't expect it to be fast, but I get a tech shirt for my efforts so hopefully that makes up for it!! I'll post a report after the race, but it probably won't go up till Monday at the earliest as weekend is quite hectic.

1. My friend Craig is in town this week for NCAA (he's a swim coach) so Tuesday and Wednesday I was out showing him around town (trip to a bar I hadn't been to on Tuesday, then to two that are just fun on Wednesday and late nights)
2. Plans tonight are to go out, have some fun, but not too much fun as I do need to run my 5K and then get another 14-15 miles in in the afternoon to cover my longer run for this weekend prior to going out for St. Patrick's day festivities on Saturday night. The Local, McGovern's, Kieran's...not sure yet, but one of them, and much Irish beer (Craig thinks Irish Car Bombs too...I think...not)
3. Sunday I will be recovering from the festivities of Saturday night, so I don't expect much running or sitting in front of the computer

It should be a fun weekend though. If I survive it! Hopefully there will be some open houses to attend on Sunday and I find my new dream house, and mine hopefully gets some showings so I can really be pushing to find something quickly!

My runs this week so far have been pretty good. I did a lunchtime 4 miler and then a 10 miler on Monday night that was under 9 minute pace. A 6 miler on Tuesday that wasn't too bad considering my legs were dead feeling and it was hilly. A Wednesday 8 mile tempo run that was not quite the speed I had wanted, but wasn't bad. Last night was an easy 6 miler, that came out at 8:36 pace and last mile felt really light and easy and legs were flying (it was only 8:10 average, but I bet by the last part I was pushing 7 minute pace).

In case I'm not on before then (and who knows, I might be) everyone have a safe and fun St. Patrick's day.

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Firefly's Running said...

See you tommorow. Nice job so far!