Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A $10 Glass of Wine

So last night I met up with a friend (OK, a date) for a drink…was a first meeting and not wanting to drink beer, decided a glass of wine sounded nice, and wanted to stay away from anything too terribly expensive, I saw a Shiraz that sounded nice for $6. Unfortunately, they were out of that one…the bar tender said they had a Syrah, so I said sure, that sounded good…and, it was an OK glass of wine. Nothing to write home about, but tasted fine. My date just had a beer…so we talk, he’s through a second beer and bartender asks if we want another, we both went ahead with it (I had sipped the wine to this point) and then it was getting later (about 10:30) and I was tired from the night before (will blog more on this in a bit) so we called it a night and the bill was presented to us…my wine…$10 a glass…yes…that annoyed me. When I’m ordering a $6 glass and you are out of it, even suggesting an $8 might be acceptable, but there might be a reason I was ordering a cheaper glass…arghh…So anyway, that makes things awkward a bit as my date had had the tab on his card…he was hesitant about things, I wasn’t sure what was going on, he finally asks if I’m going to put something toward it…uhh…well…you’re the one that asked me out right?? (I’m not a girl that thinks a guy has to always pay, but I always figure whoever did the asking, should do the paying!) So I ask what is needed, and he tells me, well mine was $20…OK, so I handed him a $20 and a $5…let’s just say I don’t think I’ll be seeing him again. It just came across to me as very tacky, and overall, I felt like I was carrying more of the conversation, and I just didn’t think it was that interesting. And of course, this just topped it off. So not worth losing my sleep that I needed!!

Why was I tired?? Well, as you all know, I live in MN…sometimes in MN we get cold, sometimes we get snow (and on occasion we get a lot of both!). On Monday we had a prediction of 3-4 inches to come around rush hour time…great. Thankfully it started early, a lot of people must’ve worked from home and it kind of was stopping by the time I headed home…so commute wasn’t bad at all. I got home, nothing had been plowed, but we only had 1, maybe 2 inches on the ground so no big deal. Snow was completely done by this time too, around 5. I was supposed to go to dinner, but never heard from the friend I was supposed to meet, so instead I vegged and was going to go to bed early since I had been up early on Sunday night watching the game. Crawled into bed but was having some trouble trying to sleep…I was finally dozing off around 10 when I started hearing some scraping sounds…it took a bit, but figured out it was someone shoveling a driveway…the one that is right outside my building (not the one I use), basically, right below my bedroom…and it went on…and on…for an hour!! By the time I was so angry and ready to yell at the person (there are courtesy times, you DON’T shovel and make noise after 10 pm on a week night!!) I saw they were almost done, so I just let it go, but then was so mad about the lack of courtesy that it took a while longer to get to sleep. It’s not like there was so much snow people needed to be plowed out…and it’s not like it hadn’t stopped hours before so it could’ve been done sooner…and it’s not like the driveway hadn’t already been driven on!! I’m not sure if it was our caretaker or just one of the people that lives in that particular building or what…I just know the plow company was there and working on stuff the next morning at 5:30 when I was leaving…so annoying though.

But on a good note…I had a good review today. My boss said very good things about me. Just hope he’s successful in getting a nice chunk percentage of raise for us…unfortunately we get things dictated from parent company…now to work on those essays so I can apply for grad school…getting that MBA would offer a chance for promotion that can justify a higher raise…hopefully enough can change in the next year or so in my responsibilities, so I can get to be a senior level (since this is a new position, there really isn’t much to dictate that) and then maybe the MBA would push me to principle…promotion is usually good for 4-5% raise I think (or would hope)…money makes the world go round right??


justlori2day said...

That would crank me. The cost of the wine, AND his asking you to buy. It was a little presumptuous of the server to assume you were aware of the price.

The shovelling, you have more grace than I in that situation, because I would have said something. But then I am all about courtesy and have no time at all for rude people, and of course we all know I am not shy! :)

I raise my glass and hope for another decent date with a decent guy soon!

Firefly's Running said...

OMG! That's ridiculous for a price of wine!

Congrads on the raise!

Anonymous said...

OK, tacky of the guy to ask you for $ and bummer about the price of your wine! At least that date's done, huh?

Glad your review went well! Hoping for that raise for you. :)

Dori said...

Congratulations on your review and good luck with grad school. My husband got his MBA in the early 80s and it paid off for him. It took a lot of time, though.

Did your house sell? Mine is still on the market. :-(

Molly said...

Congrats on the good review!

I don't really drink anything BUT wine and the restraunt price REALLY bothers me. Especially when it is $10 for a small glass of average wine and I can get a good bottle of wine for the same amount. My husband and I have joked that I should carry wine in a flask in my purse!

Take Care

justlori2day said...

Dani I am tagging you with a meme I was tagged with by a fellow Minnesotan!!!

Heidi tagged me with a Meme, and I am now taggng you:

Jean said...

Just curious, what kind of Syrah was that?

Congrats on your positive review at work, Danielle. Hopefully that leads to more cash!

Kurt said...

I consider that cheap for a good wine but very poor taste on his part. He bites. He is undoubtedly a total loser also. He has a date with the finest woman in MN and he makes her pay? Geez what a bad of stuff he is made of.

Runner Leana said...

OK, so he should have just sucked it up and paid, very tacky of him to ask you to contribute! Sounds like he wasn't much of a winner anyways if the date wasn't that fabulous.