Wednesday, February 20, 2008

More Cold and New Toys

OK, I promise, at least for the next week, (we are supposed to warm up) that I'll stay away from posting about cold...but I had to do it one last time. This was the temp driving to the gym. The gym was very quiet (people don't want to get up in the cold!). I did strength for 25 minutes and a 4 mile run, I'm hoping to motivate to go againt this afternoon and get a bike ride and some plyometrics in, but we'll see. And yes, I hate cold, I'd take any hot temps you can throw at me over this (of course I'm weird in that my preferred marathon running temps are probably a start in the mid-50s topping at 65-70). I feel like a wuss running in the gym, but, as I've stated it to others, I can run in the cold. I have cold weather stuff and can do it. I can also get up and workout/run in the morning. It is hard to get out of bed but once I'm up and doing it, I enjoy it, but I CAN'T get up and run in the morning in the cold (when it gets warm there will be no problems I'll go right out the door for a nice run on days that are only running).

OK, so it's not so much "toys" per se, but it should be a bit of an exciting weekend. I went to Best Buy on Monday and spent a ton of money...since my condo is not likely to sell anytime soon (market is so bad and there are too many for sale in my complex and I just don't want to take less for it) I decided to go ahead and upgrade my appliances and enjoy them for a year or so before moving. Best Buy had a really good deal...fridge, over the range microwave, range and dishwasher for $2000, (Whirlpool brand) with free delivery and recycling of your old items. I couldn't pass it up. Then I added install of the dishwasher (because I need that right away, I'll have a cousin do the install of the microwave in a few weeks as I have a microwave to use till then, but not the dishwasher, no one is taking that away!!), and I swapped out the fridge for one that was a clearance one, and a little cheaper but almost the same, but I upgraded the dishwasher to one that is quieter (my kitchen is right off my living room) so it came out a little more but that's OK. I have a year to pay for it (love no interest financing). One problem is the fridge is too big for the space I have, so my dad is coming up to cut down my counter space and give another inch and a half so it will fit. I guess it's good that we're cold right now since I can put all the stuff from my fridge outside while we are messing with the exchange of the appliances etc. I'll have to take a picture and post it once they are all in place.


Anonymous said...

Yay for toys! Boo for weather. Its not as cold here but it still sucks.
BTW, I feel bad in my comments on V-day. I think I've been cranky myself and might have read your comments wrong and swayed everyone the wrong way. Anyway.....have a good and hopefully warmer week ahead.

Runner Leana said...

Yay for new appliances! I'm sure it will add value to your place, and if you actually like doing stuff in your kitchen then having nice appliances is a necessity.

Firefly's Running said...

How cool, Dani!! Your place is going to look great with new stuff.

Cold weather sucks!

Weebs said...

Wow, DG! That IS a good deal for all those appliances. Now'll get a bite on your condo and sell it. Well, that wouldn't be all bad.