Friday, February 08, 2008

Wishes MeMe

OK, I’ve been tagged on this and it was different than others I’ve seen, so I figured why not…might be fun (and it was my cousin that tagged me, I’ll hear about it if I don’t do it!!)
So here goes:The directions: Post two wish lists, 5 material wishes and 5 spiritual or more meaningful wishes. Then tag five people. Let them know that they have been tagged by posting a message to them on their blog.Here goes:

List 1: Material Wishes

  1. I wish to get my house sold for a good price and find my perfect new home in the area that I want to live
  2. I wish to have all my student loans paid off
  3. I wish to get into an MBA program for the fall
  4. I wish to be able to afford my fun sports car for my birthday next year (those student loan payments are earmarked for it)
  5. I wish to find my way toward exactly what I want…and to know what that is!

List 2: Meaningful or Spiritual

  1. I wish that people would be more accepting of differences in others…be it political, religious, ethnic or sexual orientation
  2. I wish that our government were not so corrupt and instead of everyone being out for them, they would be out to help those that elected them, and would stay out of the business of others around the world until we fix the problems in this country
  3. I wish the so called “holy martyrs” that are sent by powerful, rich who are extremely corrupt and obviously NOT about their God’s will but their own agendas, would realize they are being used and stand up to those that are using them
  4. I wish that people would realize they live on this planet with others and it’s not always just about you…
  5. I wish for the safety of our troops…which would not be necessary if 2 and 3 above were there…of course this is partly selfish since I have a cousin over there…but I have connections to others too and it makes me sad to see so many young people dying for someone else’s agenda, an agenda that seems to keep changing too…

Now for the tags:I actually am not going to tag anyone specific, anyone that reads this, feel free to use it…I think it’s kind of neat personally…if only some of the wishes could come true!

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