Friday, February 29, 2008


Thanks to Nat and Molly, I get to tell you 7 wonderful or weird things about me! And you have to read them!

1. Just before I turned 10, my cousin and I were playing croquet (on Mother’s day) and she was swinging the mallet like a golf club (we didn’t know better) and she ended up hitting me in the head, pretty much right on my right eyebrow, it didn’t hurt till I knew it was bleeding…mom and dad had to drive me to the emergency room 20 minutes away and I ended up with 7 stitches. They had to be taken out on my birthday a week later. What a crappy birthday! And yes, that is probably what is wrong with me!!

2. I trained for the first 2-3 months of my PR marathon on the treadmill. I was running 5-7 days a week, almost all inside (cause it was cold and crappy and I wasn’t as brave then as I am now) with up to a 16 mile long run on it before I could get outside. I was worried it would affect my speed but first chance I got to run outside it felt even easier, so the treadmill can be a good thing.

3. I am a bit on the shy side, but no one who knows me believes this…but I swear I’m a split personality when I’m on vacation…vacation Danielle can be a blast.

4. I think it was 2002 I was out in Seattle for a wedding…well, it was in OR actually, but I met a friend that lived in Vancouver to go to the wedding…we had met when we were 14 but hadn’t seen each other since, I was about 28 or so then…we went to the wedding and were then going to hang out in Vancouver, but I was feeling a little uncomfortable, so I had him drop me in Seattle and was debating changing my ticket, but rented a car and was going to Pike’s Place market but somehow ended up at Hemp Fest instead, where I started talking to this nice little stoner guy (older gentleman but very nice) that I had a couple of beers with, and then called a friend, who I knew had a friend in Seattle…long story short, my friend contacted her friend who contacted me and I ended up staying with her and her boyfriend and had a blast all week doing random fun things around the city alone and with her, her boyfriend and other friends of theirs…Like I said, vacation Danielle can be a blast!

5. In 2001 one of my best friends and I went to Italy and while in Venice, it was raining and we stopped into a bar, started talking to this very cute Italian boy and then a couple of gay guys who were down from England on holiday…during this time Andrea (cute Italian boy) had stepped outside and I followed him and had the most romantic kiss ever with him on this little side street in Venice with a light rain falling…

6. I’m addicted to the Internet…OK, not as bad as some, but I LOVE email, and emailing people and even more so getting to know people that I meet online.

7. I didn’t get drunk (well buzzed or so) for the first time till I was 18. I never partied or drank in high school. I was really the good child…first born, did everything I was supposed to, always home on time…rarely lied to my parents…

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