Friday, February 01, 2008


How can it already be February? Didn’t we just ring in 2008?? (I think I remember ringing it in, that Dom and Absinthe have messed with my mind!!) Where did January go?? Not that I mind January being done, mind you. Remember, I live in Minnesota…January is the dreaded month (at least for those of us not a fan of cold, and dark, and cold, did I mention cold??). Of course there are those that say if you’re a real Minnesotan, January should be your favorite month. I’m not a real Minnesotan I guess because May is my favorite…for many reasons, but I digress. February is usually something to look forward to because it’s short, usually a bit more mild than January (although two years ago it was kind of opposite) and when February is over, you have March, with some cold, but some mild days, usually some snow storms but the hint of spring coming in by the end. Of course this year February has that extra day so it is longer, but hopefully now that January is past, and it was so cold, the days will stay in the double digits, hopefully closer to freezing than it has been and I can get some more running in outside. I won’t do outside morning runs again till the days are a bit longer and it’s warmer, just too hard to force myself out of bed at 5:15 AND psych up to run outside…I’m fine with it to get up that early (in the dark) to run cause it’s going to be too hot later, but not when it’s cold!!

So today a friend is visiting from out of town and staying over, another friend was/is supposed to maybe be coming by and staying over tonight as well. The plan was for another friend that doesn’t drink anyway, to be out, and of course she’d be driving, then another friend and a friend of hers as well as one other friend (get all that?) to be meeting up with us and/or coming with us…OK, I’ve realized that’s too many people for one car, but figured we will figure something out…but now the non-drinking friend is sick and probably not coming, I haven’t heard from the other friend and her friend (her friend was sick so not sure if she was going to be up for it or not) and haven’t talked to the last of the friends about it…most likely I’ll be driving and having to not drink, after feeling the need/urge to get out and have some fun since I haven’t for a while now…unless we opt to drive there and cab home and get a ride to the car the next day…which is always an option….hmm…now thinking about that…we could split that ride in a way to drop one friend along the way and then 2 or 3 of us would still be in on the way to my place, but it might make the ride even a bit cheaper…something to consider at least, since I really do want to have some fun tonight!!

Other than that nothing really planned for the weekend. I do need to get to Macy’s at some point because the idiot that rang up my new jeans that I bought last weekend didn’t take the security thing off of them, so I can’t wear them till I get that removed…so freaking annoying!! I wanted to wear them tonight too. Maybe I’ll try to run that errand during lunch. Then I’m still looking for a new pair of black boots…it’s so weird, from the way I’m posting with shoes, and then that mention, you’d think I was this big shoe person, but I’m really not. I’m into bargain shopping, hence the two pairs of cute type shoes last weekend, but I hate when I actually NEED some type of shoe (except my running shoes, those are easy!) because I can never find something I like, in my size and in a price I’m willing to pay…it sucks!!


Runner Leana said...

I know....January absolutely flew by and I have a feeling the next few months will be that way too. Holy smokes, I was complaining about the cold here this morning, but wow it is insane where you are! I guess it is just proof that global warming isn't completely here, eh? Have a good weekend!

Firefly's Running said...

Last night was a BLAST! Thanks again!

Kurt said...

I always check the tags before I leave. That happpened one time to me also.

Glad your back out having good times again.

Neese said...

oh man i bet that IS annoying having that security thing on the pants :-o

JustRun said...

Ugh, I need new jeans. For that matter, I need a Macy's nearby. :)